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What's New in the Enterprise Administrator Customer Portal


We've made a number of recent additions and improvements to the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Enterprise Administrator Customer Portal, giving you even more power and flexibility in managing your enterprise.




You can now administer at the department level. Besides belonging to the enterprise and to a group, users can belong to a department. A user can belong to only one department. A department can contain users from one group (a group department), or it can contain users from various groups (an enterprise department).


Enterprise and Group Administrators can create departments and Department Administrators.


Enterprise Administrators, Group Administrators, and Department Administrators can manage group departments. Only Enterprise Administrators can manage an enterprise department.


Intercept Announcement Feature


We've added the Intercept Announcement feature. When a call comes in to a specific IP Flexible Reach number, the system intercepts the call and plays an announcement instead of connecting it to the number. For example, "Our office is closed; please press zero for assistance" or "This number is no longer in service."


Enterprise Administrators and Group Administrators can set intercept announcements at the group level and for individual users. Department Administrators can set intercept announcements for individual users in their department.


New Reports


AT&T IP Flexible Reach now features three new reports:

  • Feature Configuration Report – This report indicates the status of each inbound and outbound call feature for phone numbers or extensions in your enterprise.
  • Trunk Call Routing Summary Report – This report provides details about one or more trunk call routing schemes.
  • Trunk Call Routing Assigned Users Report – This report provides information about the trunk call routing schemes in your enterprise and each scheme’s corresponding users.


Premier Login Changes


To recover a password, Premier now requires answers to two Secret Questions. If you entered only one Secret Question/Secret Answer when you originally registered with Premier, set up a second Secret Question/Secret Answer in your Premier profile now.


When you click Log In, the Update My Login Profile page appears. In the Setup Second Security Question window that opens, enter an additional Secret Question and Secret Answer, and then click Continue. (To proceed to the Premier home page without updating your profile, click Not Now. You can log in three times and select Not Now before you must set up your second Secret Question/Secret Answer.)

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