AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal: Enterprise Administrator Support

Group Trunk Groups


Click the links below to learn how to view the group trunk group list, manage a group trunk group profile, edit associated trunk call routing, and more.


Topic Description
About Group Trunk Groups Learn about group trunk groups and how they work.
Group Trunk Group List Page Learn about the Group Trunk Group list page and how it works.
Group Trunk Group Details Page Get an overview of a Group Trunk Group Details page.
Search for and View Group Trunk Groups Learn how to search for and browse group trunk groups.
View and Edit a Group Trunk Group Profile Learn how to edit a group trunk group's profile.
About Trunk Burst Learn about trunk burst and how it works.
View and Edit Associated Trunk Call Routing Schemes Learn how to edit the trunk call routing scheme associated with a particular group trunk group.
Assign or Unassign Group Trunk Groups to a Trunk Call Routing Scheme Learn how to assign and unassign group trunk groups to a trunk call routing scheme.