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Download a List of Account Codes


You can download a list of all the account codes that exist for a particular group. This can be helpful when you're editing account codes for a group all together, in bulk.


For more information, see Manage Users in Bulk.


To download a group's account codes

  1. From any page in the Customer Portal, click RESOURCES in the main menu bar, and then click Group immediately below. The Group List page appears.
  2. Click the group's name. The Group Details page appears.
  3. Click the Settings tab. The Settings page appears.
  4. In the Account Codes tile, click Manage Account Codes. The Manage Account Codes page appears.
  5. Click Download Account Codes List. A File Download window opens.
  6. Click Save. The file is downloaded to your default directory, or you can specify a different location.

Note: You can also download a list of users assigned a group's mandatory or optional account code status. For more information, see Download a List of Account Code Users.

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