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Account Codes


Click the links below to learn about account codes, how they work, and how you can edit them.


Topic Description
About Account Codes Learn about account codes and how they work.
Search for and View Account Codes Discover how to search for and view account codes.
Edit Account Code Length

Learn how to edit the default length of a group's account codes.


Caution: Changing the setting for a group's account code length causes all current account codes to be deleted.

Add, Edit, or Delete Account Codes Learn how to create a new account code, edit an existing account code, or delete an account code.
Download a List of Account Codes Discover how to download a list of account codes for a particular group.
Assign or Unassign Account Code Status to Users Learn how to assign or unassign mandatory or optional account code status to users.
Download a List of Account Code Users Learn how to download a list of the users assigned to a particular group's mandatory or optional account codes.