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Call Forwarding - No Answer


The Call Forwarding – No Answer feature enables a user to redirect calls to another phone number when an incoming call isn't answered within a specified number of rings. (Each ring cycle lasts 6 seconds.) You must specify the forward-to number and the number of rings before forwarding.


Call Forwarding – No Answer settings are superseded by these features (if they are enabled): Call Forwarding – Selective and Call Acceptance, and Call Rejection.


Note: If enabled, the Intercept Announcement feature takes precedence over all other active features. For details, see Intercept Announcement.


If Call Forwarding – Not Reachable is set for this user, and the Call Forwarding – Not Reachable timer expires before the specified number of ring cycles for Call Forward - No Answer have played, then the Call Forward – Not Reachable settings are applied.


Forwarded callers are treated according to the Forward Calls to phone number's settings. For example, if the forwarded call isn't answered, callers may be prompted to leave voicemail for the forwarded phone number, not for the first phone number.


To set Call Forwarding – No Answer

  1. From any page in the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, click USER MANAGEMENT in the main menu bar. The Users List page appears.
  2. From the Users List page, click a user's name to open the User Details page.
  3. On the Inbound Features tab of the User Details page, in the Available for User column, make sure that the feature availability is set to Yes.


    For instructions on how to set availability, see About Inbound Call Features.


    Caution: If you give a user access to a particular feature, remove that user's access to the feature, and then restore the user's access, all settings created through the edit process will be lost.

  4. At the right of right of Call Forwarding – No Answer, click the Edit icon The Edit icon. in the Action column. The Edit Call Forwarding No Answer page appears.
  5. To turn call forwarding on, select Enable to the right of Call Forwarding No Answer Status.
  6. In the Forward Calls to field, enter the number where calls will be forwarded.


    Note: Before you can enter a number in the Forward Calls to field, you must select Enable next to Call Forwarding No Answer Status.


    The Forward Calls to number must be a phone number that's accessible based on this user's outbound dialing restrictions.

  7. Select the number of times the phone will ring before the call is forwarded.
  8. Click Save. A message confirms the change.

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