AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal: Enterprise Administrator Support

Manage Group Settings


Open a Group's Settings Tab

Manage Account Codes

Manage Dial Restrictions

As an Enterprise Administrator for the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, you can manage a group's account codes, dial restrictions, and authorization codes.


Open a Group's Settings Tab


To manage group settings, you first open a group's Settings tab, and then add, edit, or delete account codes and dial restrictions.


To open a group's Settings tab

  1. From any page in the Customer Portal, click RESOURCES in the main menu bar, and then click Group immediately below. The Group List page appears.
  2. Click a group name. The Group Details page appears.
  3. Click Settings. The Settings view of the Group Details page appears.

Now you're ready to manage account codes and dial restrictions.


Manage Account Codes


To manage a group's account codes, use the Account Codes tile on the Settings tab.

  • Account codes track specific calls associated with certain accounts.
  • Users assigned to the Mandatory Account Code service must enter an account code when making all calls outside the group.
  • Users assigned to the Optional Account Code service can enter an account code when making a call outside the group, but it's not required.


For more information, see About Account Codes.


To manage account codes

From the Account Codes tile:


Manage Dial Restrictions


To manage group dial restrictions, view the list of users assigned to dial restrictions, manage custom user dial restrictions, and manage authorization codes, use the Dial Restrictions tile.

  • Dial restrictions control what types of outbound calls groups and users are allowed to make. For example, you can choose to allow or block domestic, toll-free, or international calls.
  • Authorization codes control dialing by specific users. Users assigned to the Authorization Code service must enter their authorization code when making a call (except for emergency or repair calls) outside the group.


For more information, see:


To manage dial restrictions

From the Dial Restrictions tile:

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