AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal: Enterprise Administrator Support

About Departments


Managing departments is an important part of your job as an Enterprise Administrator for the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal.


You can assign users to a department, which is a subdivision of a group or enterprise. An Enterprise Department can include any user in the enterprise. A Group Department can include only users from a single group.


A department has:

  • A unique department name.
  • A set of users assigned to the department.
  • A set of public phone number ranges.


You can:

  • Search for departments by name.
  • Manage department profiles, including editing department names.
  • Assign users to the department.
  • Unassign (remove) users from the department.
  • Download a list of the department names for all the departments you manage.
  • Download a list of all the users in a particular department.
  • Download a list of all the department public phone number ranges.
  • Manage individual users in a department.


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