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Manage Two-Step Login


Two-Step Login provides an additional layer of security to help prevent unauthorized access to your organization's Premier account. Two-Step Login adds a second authentication step to the login process. By default, Two-Step Login is on for your Enterprise.


As an Enterprise Administrator for the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, you can manage the two-step login setting for your enterprise. When this setting is turned on, users in your enterprise must enter their username and password and then answer one of their secret questions in order to log in to Premier. If this setting is turned off, users in your enterprise enter only their username and password to log in to Premier.


To manage two-step login

  1. Log in to Premier.
  2. From the Administrator and User Profiles tile, click Manage Two-Step Login under Manage Administrators and Users. The Manage Two-Step Login page appears.
  3. To require users to answer a security question and enter their password when logging in, select Turn on. To require users to enter only their password, select Turn off.
  4. Click Submit.

Note: To see the history of setting changes, click View History on the Manage Two-Step Login page. A CSV (comma-separated values file) opens and shows changes made in the last 90 days.

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