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Create a Group Inventory Report


A Group Inventory report provides details about a group, including:

  • Group name.
  • Group ID.
  • Group dial plan.
  • Private branch exchange phone number (PBX TN).
  • Number of users assigned to the group.
  • Number of group trunk groups assigned to the group.
  • Default trunk call routing name associated with the group.


To create a Group Inventory Report

  1. From any page in the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, click REPORTS in the main menu bar. (See Create a New Report.) The Enterprise Reports view of the Report page appears.
  2. Click New Reports.
  3. Click Group Inventory Report. The Group Inventory Report page appears.
  4. To the right of Group, select All groups or Specific group(s).
    • If you selected Specific group(s), click Find to select groups. The Find Group window opens.
    • To select the groups you want to generate a Group Inventory report for, check the boxes to the right of the group names.
    • To find specific groups, use the Search tool.
    • To select all groups, check the box at the top of the Find Group list A checkbox..
  5. When you're finished selecting groups, click Done.
  6. Click Generate Report. After the report is created, you can access it in the Enterprise Reports page.
    • If your enterprise contains fewer than 200 groups or 1,000 phone numbers, the report is available for 2 days.
    • If your enterprise contains more than 200 groups or 1,000 phone numbers, the report is available for 35 days.

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