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Use Intercept Announcement

Edit a User's Intercept Announcement Settings



The Intercept Announcement feature plays a message when a user receives a call. When this setting is turned on, the call is intercepted and the specified messages are played to the caller. Use these announcements to provide call routing options along with other useful information.


Use Intercept Announcement


Intercept Announcement gives enterprises the ability to give callers useful information. The default announcement informs callers that the number they've called is out of service. Intercept Announcement can also give callers the user’s new phone number and enable users to press 0 to be transferred to a new number that you determine. As an Enterprise Administrators for the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, you can also record and upload custom announcements.


Note: When Intercept Announcement is turned on, users in the group cannot make outbound calls. Emergency calls and calls to other users in this enterprise are still allowed.


Edit a User's Intercept Announcement Settings


You can edit the intercept announcement settings for any user in your enterprise.


Note: When you change the settings for a group, you change the settings for every group user who doesn't have custom intercept announcement settings. User-level settings override group-level settings.


To edit a user's intercept announcement settings

  1. From any page in the Customer Portal, click USER MANAGEMENT in the main menu bar. The User List Page appears.
  2. Click a user's name. The User Details page appears.
  3. Click the Inbound Features tab. The Inbound Features List view of the User Details page appears.
  4. Click Intercept Announcement. The Intercept Announcement page appears.
  5. Click Edit. The page appears in Edit mode.
  6. At the right of Intercept Announcement Status, click Enable to turn the feature on. To turn the feature off, click Disable.
  7. To the right of Announcement Type, select Default or Custom.
    • To play a default announcement that says the number has been disconnected, select Default.
    • To play a custom recorded announcement, select Custom. To upload a new custom announcement, click Upload New.
  8. Select more options.
    • To play an additional announcement that provides callers with an alternate phone number, to the right of Announcement Options, select Play new phone number and enter the new phone number in the text box.
    • To play an announcement that prompts callers to press 0 if they want to be transferred, to the right of Announcement Options, select Transfer on '0' to phone number. In the text box, enter the phone number where the call will be transferred.
  9. To save your edits, click Save. To discard your changes, click Cancel. To return to the main Settings page, at the top of the Profile view page, click Back to all Settings.


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