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Group List Page


Page Overview

Search and Browse for Groups

The Group List page is a searchable list of all the groups in your enterprise. From the Group List page, you can search for, browse for, view, and manage groups.


To access the Group List page, open the Customer Portal. In the main menu bar of any page, click RESOURCES, and then click Group, immediately below.


Page Overview

The Group List page.

Things you can do from the Group List page:

  • To find a particular group, use the Search tool.
  • To browse, scroll or page through the list.
  • To sort the list by Group Name, Group ID, or Dial Plan, click the column headers.
  • To view a group, click the group name or ID.
  • To open a group profile and edit the name, under Action, click the Edit icon The Edit icon.


Search and Browse for Groups


You can search and browse for specific groups to manage. To view that group's information, click a group name or ID.


To search or browse for groups

  1. If the Search tool isn't open, click the arrow The Search arrow.. The tool opens.
  2. From the left drop-down list, select Group Name, Group ID or Dial Plan.
  3. From the middle drop-down list, select Contains, Starts With, or Equal To.
  4. In the field on the right, enter a search term.

    If you selected Dial Plan from the left drop-down list, select All Dial Plans, Public Only, or Private Only.

  5. Click Search.

To browse for groups, scroll or page through the list. To jump to a particular page, click the Down arrow to the right of the page numbers The Down Arrow..

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