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Sync Authorization Codes


As an Enterprise Administrator for the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, you can manage authorization codes for any group in the enterprise. When adding or deleting authorization codes, you must synchronize the codes with users who have custom dial restrictions so that the codes can take effect.


Sync Authorization Codes


You can sync authorization codes for any group.


To sync authorization codes for a group

  1. From any page in the Customer Portal, click RESOURCES in the main menu bar, and then click Group immediately below. The Group List page appears.
  2. Click the group's name. The Group Details page appears.
  3. Click the Settings tab. The Settings page appears.
  4. In the Dial Restrictions tile, click Manage Authorization Codes. The Manage Authorization Codes page appears.
  5. Just below the search fields, click Sync Users.

    The Authorization Code Sync Results section of the Bulk Management page shows the results.

To access the authorization code sync results

  1. From any page in the Customer Portal, click USER MANAGEMENTin the main menu bar, then click Bulk Management, immediately below. The Bulk Management page appears.
  2. From the Select Option drop-down list, select Authorization Code Sync Results. The Authorization Code Sync Results view of the bulk management page appears.

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