AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal: Enterprise Administrator Support

Delete an Administrator


As an Enterprise Administrator for the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Customer Portal, you can delete other administrators' profiles.


To delete an administrator's profile

  1. Log in to Premier.
  2. From the Administrator and User Profiles tile, find the administrator whose profile you want to delete in one of these ways:
    • Under Search for an Administrator, type an administrator's last name in the Last Name field and click Go. The administrator's name appears under Search Results.
    • Under Search for an Administrator, click Advanced Administrators search. The Manage Administrators page appears. Find the administrator you want in one of these ways:
      • Under Update an Existing Administrator Profile, search for an administrator:
        1. In the left drop-down list, select Starts With or Equals.
        2. In the search field at the right, if you selected Starts With, enter at least one letter of the administrator's last name. If you selected Equals, enter the administrator's full last name.
        3. Click Go. Results appear under Profile Updates.
      • Under Profile Updates, scroll or page through the list of administrators to find the administrator profile you want.
  3. Whether you found the administrator you want from the Premier home page or from the Manage Administrators page, click Delete. The Delete Profile page appears.
  4. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

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