Customer Service Contacts

Support is available for existing business customers using the numbers listed below



Assistance for customers with Wireless services

Business Wireless Support 800.331.0500
Device Insurance Replacement 888.562.8662
FirstNet Customer CARE 800.574.7000
Port Activations Center 888.898.7685
Wireless Global Fraud 877.844.5584

Troubleshoot & Support

Technical support or general help for customers who already have service installed

General Customer Service 800.321.2000
Local Service Trouble Reporting 800.247.2020
AT&T Business Fiber (ABF) 800.288.2020
DSL 877.722.3755
AT&T High Speed Internet-Enterprise (HSIA-E) 877.937.5288
AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI)  888.613.6330
AT&T IP Flexible Reach (IPFlex) 877.288.8362
AT&T Phone for Business Advance (APB-A) & AT&T Office@Hand 800.615.0708
Phone and Equipment Repair 800.248.8484
AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) 800.727.2222
AT&T Business Wi-Fi 855.288.9434
AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand 844.288.6633
AT&T FlexWare 844.736.3843
AT&T Cybersecurity 877.677.2881
AT&T Toll Free  800.325.5555
AT&T Long Distance 800.580.6576
AT&T International Voice 800.361.9931

Installation Support

Assistance for customers in the process of initiating service

AT&T Ethernet  888.686.7473
ADI, AVPN, IPFlex scheduling and test and turn up 855.263.7647
AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI)  888.471.4574
AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN) Plug and Play 877.750.9305
 AT&T IP Flexible Reach (IPFlex) 888.528.8763
Disconnect in Error 800.772.5383
Local Government & Education 877.972.6279
Voice Advanced Features  800.325.6336
AT&T  FlexWare 800.365.3162

Billing & Collections

Assistance with billing and collections

General Billing 800.321.2000
General Collections 888.818.8444
Global Enterprise Billing & Collections 800.235.7524
Business Fiber Collections 877.238.5197
DIRECTV Billing 800.531.5000
Uverse Billing 855.920.0146
AT&T Website Solutions Billing 888.932.4678
Local Exchange Service (LNS) Billing 888.227.3824
AT&T Co-Location Hosting, IBM managed hosting
& Digital Media Solutions Billing


Assistance with online portals and other services

Business Center Support 844.288.3249
BusinessDirect Support 800.221.0000
myAT&T Support and Premier Support 800.331.0500
Business Global Fraud 800.821.8235
DIRECTV 800.531.5000
Uverse 855.920.0146
AT&T Website Solutions Technical Support 888.932.4678
AT&T Co-Location Hosting, IBM managed hosting
& Digital Media Solutions Technical Support
AT&T Route-It Support 800.862.2237