Across various industries, IoT solutions can help drive efficiencies, optimize use of resources, and deliver sustainability benefits. See how OmniMetrix and AT&T are working together to improve oil and gas pipelines monitoring.


Helping virtually all industries improve and reduce

  • Improved efficiency in operations

    IoT Solutions help companies deploy  and manage their resources more effectively, driving efficiencies in fuel, energy, and water by helping track performance of critical business assets.

  • Help companies achieve sustainability goals

    Efficient use of resources can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

  • Enable preventative maintenance

    IoT solutions enable remote monitoring of equipment performance and can schedule maintenance proactively.

Products and services

Solutions to integrate into your industry plan


Smart, efficient IoT solutions delivering reduced energy costs and emissions

IoT remote oit and gas pipeline monitoring diagram.

Collaborating to collect remote inspection data

OmniMetrix and AT&T help improve oil and gas pipeline monitoring.

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Large server room with blue neon lights.

Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) enables reduced lighting bills and emissions

EaaS using IoT can create electricity and cost savings without upfront capital investment.

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Smart building solutions can save 5.3 billion MWh of energy by 2030¹



IoT-enabled building energy management

Through the use of IoT, AT&T was able to achieve 9M kWh energy reduction in 2017.

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Energy efficient cold chain warehouses

Using AT&T IoT, Lineage Logistics is reducing electricity use by 33M kWh a year.

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Reducing water usage, one drop at a time.


Whitaker Farms Case Study

Utilizing services from Precision King and AT&T, Whitaker Farms reduced water usage by up to 60%.
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WaterBit helped Devine Organics conserve, grow more and innovate²


Smart Irrigation

AT&T and HydroPoint team up to help Lowe's reduce their environmental footprint through a smart irrigation solution installed at nearly 1,000 stores nationwide. 
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Getting smarter through IoT technologies


Responsible food waste management with IoT

Grind2Energy's IoT-enabled system helps schedule preventative maintenance, increases system uptime and provides sustainability reports to help customers recycle food waste responsibly.
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Global smart waste collection is expected to grow to more than $223.6M in 2025³





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