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You have business-critical assets – we can help you track, monitor, and manage them. Gain visibility into where they are, what they’re doing, and the condition they’re in; realizing efficiencies in your supply chain and optimizing your assets' usage. 

Drive Supply Chain Visibility through IoT Asset Management
a Frost & Sullivan Webinar Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 11:00am EST

AT&T Director of Product Marketing, Eric Thomas and  AT&T Principal Network Support, Dwayne Moore discuss the importance of an IoT platform in digitizing an enterprise’s supply chain. Listen in on the experiences of others, participate in a live Q&A, and walk away with actionable strategies for your own organization.  Click here to register.


Track, monitor, and manage your connected assets

Enjoy greater flexibility and more options for more control over operations

Reinventing the Supply Chain with IoT Asset Management

IoT Platforms to Manage Inventory, Suppliers and Customers.

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Asset Management Solutions Guide

Understand which solution's features could benefit your business

Products Purpose Features Benefits
AT&T Asset Management - Operations Center
Simplify your IoT implementations and gain visibility of your mobile assets on a single dashboard
  • Enables multiple types of assets on a single platform
  • Offers easy integration into a variety of applications
  • Provides end-to-end security for sensor data and asset management
  • Maximize scalability and capacity
  • Greater control over connected assets
  • Improve operations with visibility into all assets
Slap & Track Businesses in any industry can track and monitor assets with a regular daily ping rate.
  • Easily attaches to virtually any outdoor asset
  • Built-in sensors capture and record GPS location, humidity, temperature, light exposure and impact sensors
  • Cloud-hosted app collects and processes data 
  • Future-proof, running on LTE-M network
  • Ready to operate off the 
Containers & Trailers Gather and analyze data for valuable shipment insight
  • Monitor devices attached to your containers or trailers
  • Gather data from an array of sensors that track the condition of the container and contents over the trip duration
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • Improve end customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and optimal goods condition, minimizing loss
  • Know what you need to know and increase response effectiveness
Equipment & Machinery Mine the full power of your assets
  • Improve monitoring, managing, and controlling your equipment
  • Build innovation into the diverse range of assets
  • Collect and survey vital equipment data
  • Optimize asset performance
  • From skyscraper tower cranes, to wheeled harvesters, to underground drills – no asset limitations
  • Develop new efficiencies and structure your business in ways that create new value
Freight Monitoring See into the blind spots of your freight operations
  • Track valuable assets
  • Set up alerts to identify issues
  • Sensors establish thresholds for any shipment sensitivity
  • Mitigate theft
  • Keep your freight operations moving by quickly resolving identified problems
  • Helps ensure freight arrives in peak condition
Package Tracking Know where your packages are in near real-time
  • Maintain proper inventory and location of shipments
  • Know when parts/shipments arrive to improve scheduling of techs/work
  • Track valuable shipments
  • Helps increase customer satisfaction
  • Saves down-time and lost revenue
  • Mitigate theft
Rental Tools & Equipment Track the location and movement of your rental assets
  • Set alerts for any issues with large machinery
  • Sensors to monitor asset conditions
  • Establish geofencing
  • Keep rentals operational
  • Determine if assets are where they should be and readily available for customers
Supply Chain Tracking Your supply chain in your command
  • Set thresholds for condition monitoring
  • Establish geofencing to know where your components are
  • Helps ensure your shipments arrive in peak condition 
  • Reduces risk to your supply chain process 
Vehicle Location Tracking No matter where they are, you can locate your vehicles
  • Establish geofencing
  • Locate vehicles easily
  • Mitigate lost or stolen vehicles
  • Helps ensure vehicles are where they're supposed to be
  • Improved customer satisfaction with inventory availability
  • Increased profitability 

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