Shipping containers and trailers

Gain insights, get alerts and notifications about your shipments.


Your supply chain in your command


Gather and analyze data for valuable shipment insight

Monitoring devices attached to your containers or trailers gather data from an array of sensors that track the condition of the container and contents over the duration of its trip. The collected data is sent to the cloud for viewing from an application that provides alerts and notifications, customizable to support the needs of your business.
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Realize the benefits your containers and equipment can bring

  • Simple device and installation

    Rugged design for use in extreme environments, rechargeable battery with solar/external power options, over-the-air firmware upgrades.

  • Condition monitoring and cloud-based reports

    Robust sensor capabilities monitor and report on shipment location, motion, temperature, and other critical aspects. Collected data is sent to the cloud for viewing.

  • Increase asset utilization

    Improve the use of your trailers and containers assets by knowing when they have completed their trips and are ready to be redeployed. 

Device options

The right device can provide robust data about your assets

Device options Details
Energy harvesting LTE device with global 2G/3G fallback
  • LTE/HSPA+ Category 4, GPRS Class A, GPS
  • 3-axis accelerometer and motion detector
  • 8 pin bayonet connector with optional 4 configurable I/O.
  • Optional Bluetooth®, ZigBee® and I/O configuration
  • IP67 rated -40° to 158° F; -40° to 70° C
  • With a fully sealed, protective case the AMSC device can be deployed in marine and desert environments
  • Configurable, periodic reporting to extend battery charge


Assuming normal operating environments and adequate sunlight, the device is designed with a solar panel so it can last up to 10 years with no external power.

The reporting frequency can be as often as every 10 minutes; assuming adequate sunlight to replenish the battery. The device can be configured to change reporting based on movement and events.

Yes, the device can detect G-force impacts and timestamps them along with the location of the event.

Yes the device is very flexible and a set of rules can be created to support most enterprise reporting requirements.


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