AT&T IoT Video Intelligence

Providing video over cellular technology – spend less without sacrificing video quality and reliability.

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AT&T IoT Video Intelligence benefits

Reduce costs

Significantly reduce streaming bandwidth data and storage costs from using video

Reliable and highly secure

High quality, ultra-reliable viewing at very low bandwidth coupled with up to AES-256 bit encryption

Actionable alerts and insights 

Automatically detect incidents, receive alerts, and enable multiple users to view video simultaneously across devices


Robust analytics to take automated action and gain actionable insights

Features Details
Object detection  Detects when people or vehicles are approaching or have entered restricted areas.
Perimeter and intrusion  detection Near-real-time alerts for the protection of critical or secured areas around buildings, fence lines, entry/exit gates, or anywhere unauthorized people or vehicles may be. 
Dwell/loitering detection
Detect presence (person or vehicle) in an area of interest either moving or stationary within a given period. 

Solution architecture

How does AT&T IoT Video Intelligence work?

Key use cases


  • Monitor intruders and trespassers that might cause criminal damage to building, vehicles and important physical assets
  • Real-time situational awareness on roadways/railways to improve incident response
  • Safeguard employees by reducing accidents and potential fatalities
  • Provide real-time point of view footage from lone workers that may be subject to aggressive passengers
Public safety
  • Real-time view of critical situations
  • Give multiple people-such as a group of experts-access to data streams simultaneously
  • Aid investigations with easy retrieval and download of video footage
  • Safeguard assets and people in public or private places against theft and vandalism
  • Enhance event security
Emergency personnel 
  • Real-time view of critical situations
  • Utilize bandwidth controls to limit or reduce data costs
  • Equip officers with a broader range of video devices
  • Support and protect emergency and medical workers, especially when operating alone
  • Provide emergency personnel with patient treatment support from doctors while in route
  • Provide reliable consistent video streaming for both overt and covert operations in cities and rural areas
Physical and remote locations
  • Control and reduce data transmission costs
  • Conduct remote inspections
  • Help protect against trespassing, theft, graffiti, and damage
  • Increase situational awareness where there is no wired infrastructure
  • Control and reduce data transmission costs
  • Utilize video for analytics where no video is currently available
  • Help protect against trespassing, theft, graffiti, and damage
  • Increase situational awareness where there is no wired infrastructure


AT&T IoT Video Intelligence solutions are modular and work with new or existing Internet enabled cameras as well as most major VMS systems in the market.

AT&T IoT Video Intelligence is a highly secure, and up to AES-256 encryption at the packet level provides high level of security that is more than adequate for most applications even before deploying VPN/IPSEC tunnels for transport. 

Yes. This technology reduces the amount of data coming in, even over a fixed line, and smooths out the data profile which is something your network engineers will love. Also, placing our device at the edge for your fixed line can give you optional failover to cellular and that stream can be routed to your existing infrastructure or to a disaster recovery location.

Yes. AT&T Video Intelligence is specifically designed for scalability. Whether you have existing infrastructure or planning a brand new deployment you can start at any size and grow it at your desired scale. Designed to be plug-and-play with little to no IT skills required allows for rapid deployment and simplified management into thousands of units.

Alerts can be generated based on many types of activity occurring at a location. For example, you can choose to be alerted when a person enters a restricted area during a specific time of day; all so you can take necessary actions.

You have the ability to customize your alerts to be sent by email, text message or push alerts in near-real-time.

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