AT&T IoT Video Intelligence

Using computer vision, AI and Machine Learning, this integrated solution provides near-real-time situational awareness and data analysis from new or existing video cameras and other IoT sensors to help improve safety, business operations, and customer experience.

Keep your business running during unexpected times

Position for long-term competitive advantage

  • Robust analytics provide near-real-time situational awareness and alerts

    Use a wide range of video analytics to help improve safety, operations, customer experience, and sales.

  • Ensure personal protection equipment (PPE) is being worn (Exa: mask/gloves)

    • Dashboard alerts when defined PPE is not being worn by employees or visitors
    • Help improve work place safety compliance and keep customers’ trust / meet customer expectations
  • Implement non-invasive solution to measure body temperature

    • Use as a frontline screening tool when people enter a space
    • Passive thermal imaging technology helps to replace manual, human interaction
  • Automate adherence to occupancy limitations and social distancing guidelines

    • Count people within spaces
    • Measure distance between people
    • Dashboard alerts when requirements are not being met
    • Gain insights to inform staffing
  • Automate curbside pick-ups

    • Implement analytics that help drive more efficient processes, less human interaction, and improve customer experiences, like shorter wait times
    • Receive dashboard and applications alerts
  • Interpret large amounts of data with AI and a single data visualization tool

    View your video feeds and related analytics from a single dashboard.

  • Employ queue management

    • Count people waiting in queue
    • Feed wait time data into optimization services like mobile applications for expected wait times, waitlists, or digital signage
  • Help maximize new and existing investments

    • VMS agnostic to support most legacy cameras and disparate systems
    • On-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Highly secure network connectivity

    Connect data across endpoints, networks, and cloud ecosystems using 4G LTE, FirstNet, and upcoming cellular network technologies like 5G and edge compute

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Video Intelligence can empower businesses to make faster, more informed decisions in near real time

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Intelligent video analytics and smart cameras

Help improve safety, operations, and customer experience

IoT – Video Intelligence

Gain near-real-time data and alerts. Monitor assets, property, and more. Use to help improve public safety, enhance business operations, and boost revenue.

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Solution Features

Use robust analytics to take automated action and gain actionable insights

Examples of analytics
People counter
Automatically counts people passing a defined area
Intrusion detector
Detects when people, animals, cars and other objects enter properties, buildings, perimeters and other critical areas
Queue detector
Detect overcrowding. Analyze groups of people waiting in line and line abandonment
Traffic analyzer
Counts vehicles in highways, city streets and premises with carpools or parking garages. Counts up to four vehicle lanes, while classifying vehicles into distinct categories
License plate reader
Recognizes vehicle license plates and matches them with a customer’s database for access control in parking lots, urban surveillance, and tracking of stolen vehicles
Parking analyzer
Detects occupied parking spots and measures parking duration
Camera health
Detects if a camera was tampered with or the image quality has decreased over time
Object detector
Detects objects that enter or leave a scene
Activity visualizer
Provides automatic motion duration analysis that displays the frequency of activity in areas
Video enhancer
Optimizes a video stream. This analytic removes falling snow, rain and fog, and stabilizes the video to provide a clear image for the operator
Privacy protector
Privacy-protected video that pixelates faces, humans, and vehicles or anonymizes them during analysis
Data visualization
Built in and customizable. Data analytics and AI provide single view of insights
Customer journey Reports customers’ path throughout a location
Dwell time Measures how long customers spend time in certain areas
Engagement Reports how customers engage with products or displays
Sales conversion Analyzes purchase and wait times at check out
Walk-bys Records number of customers walking by an area without stopping



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