Healthcare on the edge

AT&T can help healthcare organizations transform the continuum of care—from the waiting room, to the operating room, to the living room—with edge-to-edge technologies, including networking, mobility, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and more.

AT&T Solutions

Learn how innovative digital solutions from AT&T can transform your healthcare organization

Customer stories

How AT&T edge-to-edge solutions are driving innovation in healthcare

AT&T: helping beat heart disease

With help from AT&T, AUM Cardiovascular developed an innovative, FDA-approved handheld device with advanced analytics that listens to your heart for telltale sounds of cardiovascular disease.

Network virtualization: a higher level of patient care

Explore the benefits of switching from on-premises infrastructure to a software model. 

Healthcare and the Internet of Medical Things

Download this free eBook from AT&T to learn how the healthcare industry is taking advantage of the Internet of Things to improve operations and enhance patient care.



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