Healthcare on the edge

AT&T can help healthcare organizations transform the continuum of care—from the waiting room, to the operating room, to the living room—with edge-to-edge technologies, including networking, mobility, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and more.

5G and Healthcare

Download a free eBook from AT&T on how 5G, the next generation of cellular wireless technology, could impact the healthcare industry.
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7 digital trends shaping healthcare today

Here are the tech trends impacting healthcare in the coming year and beyond, and the considerations to keep in mind as healthcare moves further into the digital age.
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5 steps to healthcare's IT revolution

New research from AT&T shows that healthcare IT leaders must evaluate their network upgrade strategies in five key areas to unleash the full potential of their digital transformation.
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Network virtualization: a higher level of patient care

Explore the benefits of switching from on-premises infrastructure to a software model. 
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Customer stories

How AT&T edge-to-edge solutions are driving innovation in healthcare.

AT&T and Hanger create industry-first, network-connected device for prosthetic limbs 

The prototype, designed to attach to below-the-knee prostheses, is simple and highly mobile as it syncs directly to the cloud via AT&T’s network without relying on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a separate mobile device. 

Automate patient check-ins, streamline operations, and more

Manual, paper-based check-ins at healthcare facilities can lead to delays, overcrowded waiting rooms, and anxious patients. In addition, hospital staff can spend significant time giving navigational assistance or guiding visitors, taking them away from patient care. Now, you can make both easier with AT&T Check-in.

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AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing

See how AT&T MEC helps equips your network for the next generation of healthcare challenges, including harnessing the power of virtual reality (VR) to help ease patient discomfort and assist in pain management.


Healthcare and the Internet of Medical Things

Download this free eBook from AT&T to learn how the healthcare industry is taking advantage of the Internet of Things to improve operations and enhance patient care.


Industry solutions

Learn how innovative digital solutions from AT&T can transform your healthcare organization.

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