Equipment and machinery

Sense and adapt with IoT. By better monitoring, managing, and controlling your equipment, you can help optimize their performance and transform your business.


Are your assets ready for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act?

In the United States, 1 in 5 miles of highways and roads, and 45,000 bridges, are in poor condition. The legislation will reauthorize surface transportation programs for 5 years and invest $110 billion in additional funding to repair our roads and bridges and support transformational projects.

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Build innovation into your range of assets

For your dozers, forklifts, cranes, and more—we can help you monitor and control any mixed fleet of equipment—all in a single view.

Mixed-fleet asset tracking

Intuitive “single pane of glass” web portal

API integration to industry applications

Full-featured mobile app

Documentable visual inspection

Maintenance monitoring and analytics

Equipment and machinery solutions

There's alot more under the hood

Semi truck hauling large equipment machinery

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See how we help you get the most out of your heavy equipment and machinery with 24x7 asset monitoring, virtually anywhere. 

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Device options

  • Power options

    Battery power, solar, kinetic energy, or plugged-in

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  • Connectivity options

    Wireless, satellite, or both

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  • Short or long deployments

    Fixed and mobile tracking options to fit your use case

  • Driver awareness

    In-cab camera options to promote safety

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Make managing easier with our intuitive web portal

Infographic: Cutting edge technology can help you reduce your environmental impact

Business sustainability

Monitor equipment performance and maintenance to meet sustainability goals.

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AT&T Equipment and Machinery Solutions manages a mixed fleet of powered, occasionally powered, or unpowered assets. Get the data to understand their utilization and emissions data. Gain insights into their operational status. And ensure worker safety through maintenance and visual inspections.  Use cameras to monitor operator safety and asset security.

You can track light, medium, and heavy equipment and machinery, both powered and unpowered.  Examples include construction equipment, generators, cranes, and drilling and mining equipment, but the options are nearly limitless.

AT&T Equipment and Machinery Solutions improves asset visibility and utilization, monitors asset maintenance history, extends effective life of assets, and most importantly, ensures worker safety.

AT&T has a large portfolio of certified devices to fit your unique use case that are quick and easy to deploy on the AT&T network.  Our devices interface to OBD-II, J1708, J1939, 9-pin, 3-wire, or RS-232. Our team will work with you on the best device for your asset.

Whether it is a powered or unpowered asset, AT&T’s intuitive web portal provides a single-pane-of-glass view to gain visibility into your operations, manage your connections, automate responses to problems before interruptions arise, and access a wide range of analytics of historical data.

There is a reason AT&T was named Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Global Cellular IoT Company of the Year.  With experience across all industries, we bring a rich understanding of your business demands to help deliver the right insights, guidance, and solutions for you.  AT&T Equipment and Machinery Solutions are delivered by a dedicated team of experienced and professional enablers whose goal is to help you make informed business decisions.


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