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Build a highly secure and scalable Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will grow with your business.


What is a Virtual Private Network?

New technologies emerge everyday. Each transformation more complex than the last.

Tech Demystified: What is AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

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Security with AT&T VPN

  • Network security

    • Traffic is separated using MPLS
    • Traffic never touches the internet
    • Not susceptible to DDoS attacks
  • Privacy

    • Data doesn't co-mingle with the internet
    • VPNs are isolated and protected from other customer VPNs
    • Only customer end-points can communicate with each other
  • Performance

    • Bandwidth up to 100Gbps
    • Reduced packet overhead = faster performance
    • Drives simple, highly reliable solution

A major new shipping company chose AT&T VPN to connect its global locations.


AT&T Business Center

Access and manage your Virtual Private Network service online 24/7.

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Integrated local internet

Integrated VPN and internet connectivity using a single ethernet access circuit


The new VPN

  • Static or dynamic VLAN bandwidth allocation 
  • Aggregation of dedicated Internet and MPLS VPN
  • No need to install separate Internet and VPN services 
  • Simplified contracting and billing


Learn how AT&T VPN can benefit your business

  • Connect to the Cloud

    Get faster response times with better application performance by adding VPN to your Cloud service provider platform with AT&T NetBond® for Cloud.  Provides customers up to 50% lower latency for their applications.*

  • Expand globally

    A single provider network in over 200+ countries gives you peace of mind knowing that you can count on AT&T no matter where you do business. 

  • Protect your network

    Using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), your data is completely isolated from other businesses and the Internet without using encryption. A private MPLS VPN is inherently protected from DDoS attacks and spoofing.

  • Boost performance speed

    Grow your network with speeds from 1Mbps to 100Gbps. Predictable performance with industry leading Service Level Agreements.

  • Realize affordability

    VPN Value Bundle integrates VPN, Voice, and Security with a single contract and bill.

  • Stay in control

    Make changes to your network in near-real time using our award winning Business Center portal. Upgrade your connection in minutes, not hours or days.

*Frost & Sullivan 2018 United States MPLS VPN Services Market Leadership Award


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Includes Class of Service (CoS), multiple VPNs, multi-port (second VLAN on same Ethernet access to Internet), award winning customer portal, eBilling, and eOrdering options.

Diversity, managed router, route groups, hub and spoke, wireless backup, and remote access.

The VPN Value Bundle is a cost-effective integrated solution that provides up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth along with wireless data backup, VoIP calling, and Managed Security Services. It has one integrated contract and a single, easy-to-read bill.

An MPLS VPN uses multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) to create a virtual private network (VPN). MPLS VPN is a flexible method to transport and route several types of network traffic using a private MPLS backbone.  AT&T VPN is an MPLS VPN.

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