VPN for Business

Build a highly secure and scalable Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will grow with your business.


What is a Virtual Private Network?

New technologies emerge everyday. Each transformation more complex than the last.


Security with AT&T VPN

  • Network security

    • Traffic is separated using MPLS
    • Traffic never touches the internet
    • Not susceptible to DDoS attacks
  • Privacy

    • Data doesn't co-mingle with the internet
    • VPNs are isolated and protected from other customer VPNs
    • Only customer end-points can communicate with each other
  • Performance

    • Bandwidth up to 100Gbps
    • Reduced packet overhead = faster performance
    • Drives simple, highly reliable solution

A major new shipping company chose AT&T VPN to connect its global locations.


AT&T Business Center

Access and manage your Virtual Private Network service online 24/7.

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Integrated local internet

Integrated VPN and internet connectivity using a single ethernet access circuit


The new VPN

  • Static or dynamic VLAN bandwidth allocation 
  • Aggregation of dedicated Internet and MPLS VPN
  • No need to install separate Internet and VPN services 
  • Simplified contracting and billing


Learn how AT&T VPN can benefit your business

  • Connect to the Cloud

    Get faster response times with better application performance by adding VPN to your Cloud service provider platform with AT&T NetBond® for Cloud.  Provides customers up to 50% lower latency for their applications.*

  • Expand globally

    A single provider network in over 200+ countries gives you peace of mind knowing that you can count on AT&T no matter where you do business. 

  • Protect your network

    Using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), your data is completely isolated from other businesses and the Internet without using encryption. A private MPLS VPN is inherently protected from DDoS attacks and spoofing.

  • Boost performance speed

    Grow your network with speeds from 1Mbps to 100Gbps. Predictable performance with industry leading Service Level Agreements.

  • Realize affordability

    VPN Value Bundle integrates VPN, Voice, and Security with a single contract and bill.

  • Stay in control

    Make changes to your network in near-real time using our award winning Business Center portal. Upgrade your connection in minutes, not hours or days.

*Frost & Sullivan 2018 United States MPLS VPN Services Market Leadership Award


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