AT&T Private Cellular Networks

Provides a new option in private networking with a localized wireless LTE core (5G coming soon) and access network for the right level of control, flexibility and data management for businesses’ needs.

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Achieve flexibility, control, and security

  • Achieve flexibility, control, and security

    Deployed with dedicated equipment that provides device and data capacity and includes built-in security and controls.

  • Improve performance with cellular spectrum

    Cellular connectivity enables increased device density, improved latency, and more reliable coverage over the breadth of your footprint.

  • Attain administrative and operational control

    Restrict and manage how / which devices connect to your private local LTE network with private SIMs.

  • Leave your private network to the experts

    Let us help plan, transform, and optimize your local networks. From SIM activation to quality of service (QoS) guidance, we’re here to help.

  • Managed Services

    Complete solution that includes design, installation, test and turn up, ongoing support for software updates, hardware support, and tier 1-3 support.

How it works

AT&T Private Cellular Networks

Private Cellular Network for mining, oil, and gas industries, manufacturing and warehouses, and transportation hubs.

Private Local Network for the Right Use Case

  • Radio Design Flexibility.  On-site small cells with seamless handoffs are dedicated to your network with flexibility to configure bandwidth, power settings, and radio locations.
  • Network Privacy.  Only SIM cards that are activated to your network will connect, helping to ensure you have control over how and which users connect.
  • Network Visibility.  Network Management Portal puts you in control of traffic on network segments, device management, and easy-to-access network Key Performance Indicators.


Pricing that fits your needs

Customizable solution

Our sales managers can help right size your customizable solution to include: Core Hardware & Software, Radio Access Network Hardware & Software, Private SIMs, and Subscription for Services.

Features and details

AT&T Private Cellular Networks

Features Details
Local data control and processing Keep your data where it’s generated for faster and private processing.
RAN designed to meet your needs Engineering authority enables control over network design/refinements, bandwidth, power settings, and radio locations for your coverage needs.
You make the rules Maintain control over which devices can connect to your network. You can also manage devices, applications, configurations, upgrades and restoral times.
Visibility into performance with the Network Management Portal Get site analytics with key performance indicators (KPIs); manage network segments to separate device traffic and manage up/down-link traffic, and more.
You’re not alone AT&T has vast experience and a broad partner eco-system. We bring years of experience helping customers plan, transform, and optimize their networks. 
Private Cellular Networks available to Most of World​ AT&T is expanding its Private Cellular Networks solution to meet the growing demand for private networks.  Businesses in select countries can build private networks through AT&T using available in-country spectrum.


AT&T Private Cellular Networks

It’s a non-public wireless LTE (5G coming soon) network. Your data stays on your network. Get the benefits of a cellular network, like coverage, all over an optimized network infrastructure for sensitive data and mission critical operations.

Private network solutions have begun to emerge enabled by a new shared spectrum called Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS.  Dubbed the “Innovation Band”, CBRS has been opened to anyone including enterprises by the Federal Communications Commission on a shared usage model. The hierarchical three-tiered model is governed by the SAS, or Spectrum Access System, whose job it is to allocate users to the available channels based on load and tier status.  While anyone can use CBRS spectrum via the General Authorized Access Tier, Tier 2 Priority Access License holders receive higher priority upon contention, while Tier 1 incumbents, such as the US Navy maintain highest priority when needed.


And, as we look to the future, we expect enterprises will be able to enhance their CBRS-enabled private networks with licensed spectrum and network capabilities.  

AT&T offers a number of solutions that provide privacy and control.  Our team of experts can help to evaluate your use cases to determine the right solution for your business.  If you need a localized wireless LTE core and access network for the right level of control, flexibility and data management for your businesses’ needs, then AT&T Private Cellular Networks might be for you. 


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