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We prepare for—and help you prepare for—the unpredictable. Our goal is to keep you connected to your critical processes, applications, data, work centers, and networks during major emergency events, so your business continues to run. We believe it’s vital for your business to plan for business continuity before an event happens—whether it’s a civil, natural, or health-related event. Be ready. We can help.

Business solutions

Prepare before an event to keep business running and ease recovery after

Stay connected and productive

We provide scalable bandwidth and highly secure access to your business applications to keep remote employees connected and productive.

Business need AT&T solution Details
Grant access while fortifying your network AT&T Token Authentication  A user authentication service that helps control access to your network, applications, and sensitive data. It uses a two factor authentication approach to provide a stronger and more reliable user authentication.
Solve your remote access needs Dynamic Employee Remote Access VPN Designed to provide highly secure access to critical business applications regardless of location, access type or device across a unified global platform.
Contract and add sites in days AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand  Provides Network on Demand capability that’s built on software-defined and virtualization technologies which allows for quick provisioning and scaling of your network.
Keep your critical business applications running  AT&T Wireless Broadband Network alternate for business-critical applications, a quick deployment options for new and remote locations, and a diverse backup option.
Work and collaborate seamlessly between locations and devices  Mobility remote access A reliable, highly secure link between remote employees and your core network.

Communicate and collaborate

We provide solutions that enable people to communicate and collaborate virtually anywhere.

Business need AT&T solution Details
Active emergency workforce alerts AT&T Business Messaging
Messaging that provides real-time confirmations with the structure you need (Push Notifications, Broadcast Messages, and Customization)
Stay productive virtually anywhere Mobility Solutions
Enhance your mobile workforce and help streamline operations
Prepare your teams to communicate and collaborate remotely

AT&T Office@Hand

Webex Meetings with AT&T

AT&T Conferencing with Zoom

AT&T Event Conferencing 

IP Flexible Reach

Voice solutions and collaboration tools with options for global audio, video, and web conferencing.

Special offers available

Providing consistent service during spikes in volume due to critical events   AT&T Contact Center Solutions

Meet customer expectations and deliver a consistent experience by providing a central point from which all customer interactions across various channels are managed  

Special offer available

No need to travel when you can call from home for less AT&T World Connect® Advantage

Get the wireless international package that keeps you connected to family and friends living abroad when calling from the U.S., all at an amazing value.

Special offer available

Secure and manage data

Secure, protect, and manage your data from virtually anywhere

Business need AT&T solution Details
Detect and respond AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response
Protect your business 24/7 at a starting price less than the cost of hiring a single security analyst
Back up your data
Box from AT&T
Allows you to access and manage your content from virtually anywhere. It’s a simple, highly secure, cloud file sharing, and storage solution.
Guard your network from security threats Secure email gateway
Help defend your organization against spam, malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and other inbound threats 
Protect your office and mobile workforce AT&T Global Security Gateway

Web and cloud security for today’s mobile workforce. Unified protection against web-based threats for office and roaming users.

Special offer available

Improve security defenses AT&T Content Delivery Network Enterprise Traffic Protector

Security threat protection against ransomware, malware, and phishing.

Special offer available

Manage and protect employee & student devices and access to content AccessMyLAN™ AccessMyLAN™ is a network-based service that provides visibility, management, productivity, and security features for SIM-based devices.

Special offer available

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Plan ahead and prepare, review the information from several government agencies

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