AT&T IoT Console

Visualize one single platform to manage diverse endpoints with one comprehensive view of all your IoT devices. AT&T IoT Console manages IoT connections across cellular and satellite operators around the globe.


Single, centralized viewpoint

Monitor and manage multiple connected end points for insights to help improve business

  • Unified view

    Single platform to manage diverse endpoints with one comprehensive view of all your IoT devices.

  • Dynamic access

    Accessible from most computers with no additional investment in equipment or infrastructure.

  • Worldwide

    Manage connections across diverse network operators and throughout different regions of the world.

Single pane of glass

Streamline how you manage and maintain IoT assets across networks worldwide

AT&T IoT Console

Information from IoT devices connected to diverse platforms are served up via the included IoT Gateway and into AT&T IoT Console for a single integrated view of all your connected endpoints.

AT&T IoT Console

Key features

Features Details
Multi-network support Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, LPWA, and satellite connectivity worldwide.
API interface One set of APIs to feed data from different operators’ networks to customer’s business applications.
Monitor and manage Intuitive web portal with near real-time management for monitoring IoT solutions. Aggregated reports from underlying platforms.


A cloud based platform that provides a single pane of glass access to the underlying M2M management platforms, such as AT&T Control Center, Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid, Globecomm for satellite, Bridge Alliance DCP, and others.

AT&T IoT Console is not a replacement of AT&T Control Center. AT&T IoT Console is a platform that integrates underlying M2M platforms, such as AT&T Control Center and Nokia WING.

Users can access AT&T IoT Console from computers, tablets, and mobile devices.


AT&T IoT Console is currently available for sale around the globe and can be accessed by users with an internet connection and login globally. It can manage your connected SIMs and devices globally from a single portal.

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