Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Underground locations, building materials, and new energy efficiency codes may limit or obstruct signals from cellular towers causing slower data transfer, poor voice quality or shorter mobile device battery life. DAS can help.



In-building wireless coverage for your business

  • Optimize communication 

    Provide a robust high quality indoor mobility user experience to help improve productivity and customer satisfaction. 

  • Enhance building value

    Facilitate reliable data transfer rates and coverage by bringing carrier signals directly into buildings. 

  • Flexible

    Support a single or multiple wireless providers. 

  • Safety

    Deliver accurate 911 location information. 

  • Future Ready 

    Support the frequencies that wireless providers predominantly use or will be using as network evolutions continue.

  • Do you have an existing DAS or need to build one? 

    We can help simplify the process of building and installing DAS. Complete the follow-up form and we’ll contact you.

Introducing AT&T Managed In-Building Solution

AT&T Managed In-Building Solution is your one-stop solution for all your DAS needs – from site build to maintenance and upgrades. We can also help simplify the process to prepare you for 5G technologies by installing and maintaining a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) enabled DAS. Learn more

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Boost your mobility coverage where you need it


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