Deployment services

AT&T offers a complete end-to-end IoT device certification service that utilizes our experience in over 150 countries and territories.

Professional services for IoT

AT&T experience with certification organizations allows you to move your IoT innovation to market

  • Device testing

    Field testing can include pre-determined countries and operators across a variety of cellular technologies.

  • Device certification

    Improve device approval rate, streamline processes, help manage costs, execution risks, and timelines for product launch.

  • Lab-based antenna testing

    Lab testing verifies the device antenna performance in all applicable frequency bands and radio technologies to support optimal antenna design.

  • Deliver and deploy

    Configure operation system, deploy assets, and provide an advanced exchange implement support program.

Deployment services

IoT solutions designed to fit your needs

Global IoT device certification

A full-service solution from device lab and field performance testing to in-country certification. AT&T can help you streamline the compliance process and meet country and regulatory requirements within telecom standards.


Proof of Concept

AT&T IoT Consulting can help nurture your idea, design a strategy and roadmap, and develop it from proof of concept to deployment.

Device deployment

A worldwide solution providing staging, kitting, activation services, and software distribution. Also available are staffing and provisioning services.

Deployment services

Key features

Features Details
Embedded application testing IoT embedded application testing identifies communication issues early in design and launch. 
Around the globe AT&T has experience with IoT device certification and deployment in more than 150 countries and territories. 
Simplify Turn-key service managing the complex approval process for countries, regulatory bodies, and telecom providers.

Deployment services resources

Learn more about other IoT Professional Services that can address your needs


Services include global device certification, device configuration (FOTA/SOTA), staging and kiting, and device management.

Full-service offering to help device manufacturers gain regulatory approval in 150+ countries. The solution helps device manufacturers organize and manage their way through country-specific processes, including agency, carrier, and certifications.

Typically, 4–15 weeks, depending on the countries involved.

We can help customers navigate the PTCRB process and advise them where and to whom to submit for testing, and what additional requirements, if any, are required for certification. Antenna and field testing can also be arranged.

AT&T has a full suite of consulting, design, integration, certification, and testing capabilities that can help your organization fulfill its plans for testing an IoT solution and support bringing it to reality.

While AT&T can tailor a Proof of Concept (PoC) project to your specific requirements, the following are typical of any extensive project: initial consultation, strategy roadmap, alpha design, working model, software architecture design, integration requirements, and read out of final test results. As indicated, some or all services can be packaged as part of a PoC consulting engagement as needed.

AT&T IoT Professional Services can assist you with evaluating which option is best for you.

AT&T IoT Professional Services can assist you with evaluating which option is best for you.

AT&T IoT Professional Services can assist you with evaluating which OS and security configuration option is best for you.

AT&T IoT Professional Services can assist you with evaluating the best method for transport, distribution and storage of your connected mobility solution globally.

AT&T IoT Professional Services can assist you with evaluating all areas of your connected mobility solution to ensure that your solution has a plan or contingency plan in place to deal with future issues.

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