SIP trunking with AT&T IP Flexible Reach

Consolidate your voice and data with a SIP trunking solution that delivers outbound, inbound, local and long distance calling with advanced calling features and management for businesses utilizing existing premises-based telephony equipment.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach benefits

Integrate voice and data into one integrated access circuit

  • Optimize network capacity 

    Combine voice and data over integrated access and simplify network management.

  • Utilize your current equipment 

    Avoid investing in new equipment for voice lines.

  • Control costs 

    Only pay for the number of lines you need.

  • Be scalable and flexible

    Increase and decrease the number of concurrent call channels as needed.

  • Maintain call quality  

    Benefit from calls carried on the AT&T MPLS network, not public internet.

  • Avoid toll charges

    On-net (VoIP to VoIP) calls route within the IP network and don’t incur additional charges.


Better utilize network capacity

Combine voice and data into a dynamic network that integrates with existing PBX equipment

Features Details
Flexible calling plans  Supports unlimited local and on-net calling with option for bundle of free off-net long distance minutes.
Branch office extensions Share trunks across multiple locations.
Virtual telephone numbers (VTNs) Establish local visibility by assigning a telephone number to a phone not physically located within your location’s local calling area. 
Web-based portal  Web-based performance reporting, call detail reporting, e-ordering.

AT&T Business Center

Access and manage your IP Flexible Reach service online 24/7.

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