Retail reimagined

AT&T can help retailers sense and adapt to shopper preferences and drive back-end operations with edge-to-edge technologies. With the power of a highly secure, scalable network, you can create personalized shopping experiences that help boost brand loyalty and keep customers coming back.

Award-winning customer satisfaction, 2 years in a row

Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Large Enterprise Business Wireline Service, 2 years in a row by J.D. Power

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Retail's next big revolution  

Download a free eBook on how 5G, the next generation of cellular wireless technology, could impact the retail industry.
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The retail store renaissance

Create new customer experiences by integrating personalization and convenience into every step of their physical and digital journey.
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Customer stories

Explore how AT&T business solutions are being used to help business like yours.

Future-readying your network 

See how the reliable AT&T network provides TOMS with a complete solution to link offices and logistics centers around the world, virtually wherever the company needs to connect.
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Retailers are proactive about tech transformation—but at risk

New research by AT&T reveals several issues that the industry must address to enhance transformational success.


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Exceed shopper expectations with transformational digital experiences.

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