RDH Partners

RDH Partners is a specialized edge networking IT company for the film and TV industries and the U.S. government. It needed a network infrastructure with extreme bandwidth to support a variety of clients, including an interactive football league.

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Healthcare Better internet, better mental health

Child & Family Guidance Center trusts secure, reliable AT&T Dedicated Internet to deliver telehealth and other services to its clients.

Other Ad firm drives value for auto clients

AT&T Business networking, connectivity, and security services enable Martin Retail Group staff to work easily and safely from any location.

Finance Credit union banks on latest technology

Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union chooses a suite of products to support vital operations and fight increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.

Other Brewing up something special

Martin City Brewing Company needed top-notch connectivity and solutions to keep the taps flowing on its rapidly growing business.

Energy and Utilities Power to the people

This Georgia power agency needed to identify all its telecom accounts, eliminate redundancy, and upgrade services wherever needed.

Energy and Utilities Waste management technology

Enevo created sensors that can alert companies when their waste containers need to be emptied. However, it needed a way to reliably transport the data from diverse locations to the cloud, where customers can access, collect, and analyze it.

Other Harvesting success through IoT

QualySense is setting new quality standards to augment crop quality, sustainability, and eliminate waste.

Other A new way of storytelling in journalism

Washington Post reporters used AT&T IoT to investigate communities disrupted by deafening cryptocurrency mining operation datacenters.

Other Global SIMS power emergency wearables

Employees working alone or in risky environments can use RiskBand to summon help in an emergency. These wearable devices don’t require cell service.