Schwan’s Home Delivery

Consumers have trusted Schwan’s Home Delivery to put delicious food on their tables for decades. They needed to modernize the technology, to give their reps the right tools, speed, and flexibility for future capabilities.

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Schwan's delivery van in front of a residential home
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Sports and Entertainment Football venture scores connectivity

AT&T Dedicated Internet and AT&T Wireless Broadband helped produce the extreme bandwidth RDH Partners needed to create an interactive sporting league.

Healthcare Making sure people get the right meds

Enabling medical professionals to test the purity, authenticity and viability of vaccines and medicines requires the highest-performing levels of IoT.

Retail High-tech vending machines rely on IoT

The company’s clients needed a way to plan delivery, product refills, and maintenance—and accept payment options—for their vending machines.

Sports and Entertainment Family-friendly fun in south Texas

A sprawling entertainment complex needed new technology to support its high-tech games and robust security to protect the company and its guests.

Healthcare Medical wearable tech needs stellar IoT

While most organizations use IoT to download much more data than they upload, Biotricity needed to upload gigabytes of patient data to the cloud.

Other Mobile hotspots boost child literacy

The H.U.G. Foundation uses technology to fulfill its mission: helping struggling readers become confident readers by completion of the third grade.

Retail The Station

A Missouri chain runs more smoothly thanks to AT&T Business Fiber, DNS Security Advanced, Managed Internet Backup, and Phone for Business – Advanced.

Finance Defending the network from cyberattacks

This mortgage company’s network sees hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions and financial data. Which is why cyber criminals want to hack it.

Healthcare Enhancing the end-to-end surgical process

IPT needed IoT tags to track medical equipment. Tags that could withstand a 270° pressurized steam oven that sterilizes surgical equipment.