Helping hospitals reduce infection rates to save lives.

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Healthcare Reducing stop-arm violations

BusPatrol safety technology innovations use advanced AT&T networking to help protect students

Healthcare Bandwidth to support a growing business

Opening a business is hard work. DownHome Pharmacy opened just as the pandemic hit. Thanks to AT&T Business, they’ve thrived—even through lockdown.

Healthcare Giving remote care via mobile hotspots

When the coronavirus forced people to shelter in place, Oakhurst Medical Centers set up telehealth, connected by AT&T Mobility.

Healthcare Serving the underserved during COVID-19

AltaMed uses AT&T connectivity to turn empty lots into coronavirus testing sites for L.A.’s most vulnerable.

Public Sector Redefining what a library can be

At Stark Library in Ohio, you can check out books—and a mobile hotspot, radon detectors, telescopes, digital projectors, and more.

Transportation Protecting people and packages

OnTrac provides affordable, fast ground delivery. They needed to upgrade the cyber and physical security protecting its people, parcels, and data.

Other Live streaming with AT&T Business Fiber

Blazing speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second with more than 99% reliability powers Stream Inspectors’ live stream service.

Finance Virtually seamless working from home

Thanks to well-timed investments in advanced AT&T voice and networking platforms, The SSI Group has strong business continuity amid the pandemic.

Manufacturing Replacing manual tracking with IoT

USG Boral worked with AT&T Business to create a tracking solution for their SLCs—flat steel platforms on rollers that fit 40' shipping containers.