Switched Ethernet on Demand

Meet growing and dynamic networking needs with self-service, on-demand Ethernet services from AT&T.  Throttle bandwidth seamlessly between two locations or build a fully-mesh responsive network with hundreds of sites with the performance, speed, and reliability of the nations largest fiber footprint for business. 

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Advantages of AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand

  • Dynamic bandwidth on demand    

    Amplify bandwidth to meet dynamic needs with just a few clicks from a central web-based dashboard.

  • Lightning-fast with fiber    

    Software-defined networking ensures traffic flows through the optimal path on the highly-reliable, ultra-high speed AT&T fiber network.

  • Traffic prioritization    

    Prioritize mission-critical traffic between locations to make sure users have quick access to the tools and information they need to execute on the core mission.

  • Only pay for what you use    

    Throttle bandwidth during down periods to save costs while maintaining the ability to ramp up capacity when needed.


Case Studies

Real businesses trust Switched Ethernet on Demand to support their business


Rapid and highly secure delivery of even the largest files

With Switched Ethernet on Demand, Austin Cancer Center can send gigabytes of diagnostic scans in real time.

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Right-size your network in real time.

"We needed the ability to change the bandwidth at each location on a daily basis."

- Courtney Lyons, Chief Financial Officer

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Connect your business locations

Leverage what you have today to build tomorrows network with Switched Ethernet on Demand    

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Ethernet transports your information so you can focus on your core business.

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