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Build your success on the right IoT platform, so that you can expand your IoT solution with flexibility, choice, and the confidence to connect virtually anything your business needs.

Frost & Sullivan explores how IoT is reinventing the supply chain.

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Consider these 5 things when upgrading your digital platform for IoT

Why "massive connectivity" is a massive opportunity for property and casualty insurers

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The easier and faster way to manage and develop IoT connections

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Control Center

Deploy, manage, and monetize your connected IoT devices in near real-time.


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AT&T IoT Console

Manage and monitor IoT connections across cellular and satellite operators around the globe.

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Create new business value through the management, integration, and consumption of device data.

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IoT Starter Kit

Development solution environment for IoT sensor-to-cloud applications and services.


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Smart Analytics

Advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to your IoT data to help your business run smarter.



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AT&T IoT Connectivity Management

The new era in global IoT endpoint management.

AT&T IoT Connectivity Management is an integrated feature rich connectivity management solution that enables a multitude of businesses to easily deploy, optimize and manage IoT connectivity around the globe.

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Take control of your connected devices, and manage your IoT worldwide

Deploy, manage, and monetize your connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions across the world and in near real-time.

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AT&T DataFlow Trial

90 days trial access to full set of DataFlow features and capabilities.

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AT&T Control Center - Try Before You Buy

Access to full suite of services to help deploy, manage, and monetize your connected devices.

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IoT platform solutions guide

Understand which solution could benefit your business

Products Purpose Features Benefits
Control Center Deploy, manage, and monetize your connected devices around the world with AT&T Control Center, powered by Cisco Jasper.
  • Usage monitoring provides alerts and notifications to help you stay on top of costs and to eliminate unplanned expenses
  • Service reliability includes diagnostics, analytics, and alerts, so you can respond to unusual behavior and monitor and optimize performance
  • Streamline operations with cost monitoring in near real-time within the billing cycle
  • Enterprise-grade service reliability
  • Helps secure customer IoT data, connected devices, and IT systems
AT&T IoT Console Manages IoT connections across cellular and satellite operators around the globe.
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, LPWA, and satellite connectivity
  • One set of APIs to share data with other business applications
  • Intuitive web portal with near real-time management for monitoring IoT solutions
  • One single platform to manage diverse endpoints with one comprehensive view of all your IoT devices
  • Accessible from most computers with no additional investment in equipment or infrastructure
  • Manage connections across diverse network operators and throughout different regions around the globe.
DataFlow Connect, collect, transform, and orchestrate your data.
  • Onboard, monitor, and manage your devices, messages, and deployments
  • Aggregate, compare, and track your device data in customizable IoT dashboards to gain near real-time insight into your assets
  • Build your own project specification or start from an AT&T template to optimize your success
  • Multi-device and multi-cloud compatible operation. Integrate with your existing IT and OT and scale to your needs
  • Accept data from a broad range of devices or services, organize and transform your data to easily find, and retrieve patterns and insights
  • Jumpstart on creating application enablement via pre-defined solution templates, device templates and integration connectors to external systems and applications
IoT Starter Kit The IoT Starter Kit helps remove the barriers for developers who want to take advantage of the Internet of Things.
  • Development environment for sensor-to-cloud applications and services
  • Available for LTE or LTE-M cellular networks
  • Cloud storage to host, manage, and share data across multiple groups
  • 4G LTE development board includes on-board ambient light, temperature, and 3-axis accelerometer sensors for demonstration examples
  • Access to the AT&T Control Center platform
Smart Analytics Apply advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to your IoT data to make your business run smarter. Let AT&T help you get actionable insights faster.
  • Works with a broad range of device, network, cloud providers, and enterprise applications
  • Preconfigured big and fast data environment so you can get started faster
  • Prebuilt libraries and custom built models simplify path to intelligent and streaming insights
  • Faster time-to-insight with a data science solution built specifically for IoT
  • Enrich IoT data with external data for new and deeper insights
  • Help transform manual processes into automated processes

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