Internet Service Provider

Jelly Digital (JD Internet) is a fiber-powered, high-speed internet service provider in Southern California. It needed a way to deliver high-speed internet service to underserved areas, including mobile home parks and Native American reservations.


Internet pioneers bring high-speed connectivity to hard-to-reach homes

  • Challenges

    JD Internet’s owners initially provided internet for businesses. But when their kids complained that their home internet wasn’t that great, the owners saw an opportunity to serve individual subscribers. They went in search of a networking solution.

  • Results

    Superior internet service for Southern California communities that previously had limited access, including mobile home parks, Native American reservations, and other places that have aging infrastructure.

  • Solution

    JD Internet chose AT&T Switched Ethernet with Network on Demand to power the towers it built to deliver connectivity to previously underserved areas. The networking solution connects JD Internet locations using the AT&T nationwide fiber network. 



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Providing high-speed internet in hard-to-reach, underserved neighborhoods


About JD Internet

JD Internet is a fiber-powered, high-speed internet service provider in Southern California. Unlike many other providers, JD Internet uses wireless towers that are fed by a proprietary, symmetrical high-capacity fiber network. 

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