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Transform your network with fiber connectivity

Your business-critical data relies on network performance. Transform your network by upgrading to fiber connectivity, which can enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, security, and cost management. Fiber uses light waves instead of electrical signals to transmit data, allowing higher volumes of information to be sent over longer distances at faster speeds. Fiber also supports equal upload and download speeds and is faster than traditional cable internet connections. Propel your network and your business to new heights with fiber connectivity.

Reliable and resilient

Resistant to fire, electromagnetic interference, and radio signals—so you can be confident your network will stay connected.

Faster speeds, greater capacity

With upload speeds as fast as downloads, fiber enables faster file transfers, smooth online meetings, and lower lag across your operations. 

Security built-in

Transmits voice and data signals via pulses of light, which are difficult to intercept.

The benefits of fiber

Download speed
With download speeds up to 1Tbps, fiber optic internet can deliver the fastest speeds available.
Upload speed Fiber can provide equal upload and download speeds, which is important for apps like streaming and VoIP. 
Latency¹ Fiber internet has low latency to make cloud services and applications more responsive.
Reliability Fiber is not susceptible to disruption by flooding or electromagnetic interference making it highly reliable.²
Security Fiber doesn’t emit interceptable signals, making it highly secure.³

Why AT&T Business fiber connectivity?

  • 1Tbps

    Get speeds up to 1Tbps1

    Accelerating speed on speedometer, Tachometer indicating the fiber internet speed
  • 1.4M+

    high-speed fiber miles globally

    Data visualization icon
  • 800k

    U.S. business buildings lit with fiber from AT&T2

  • 3.3M

    Business customer locations enabled for high-speed fiber connections2

    Large building icon
  • 10M+

    U.S. business locations on or within 1,000 feet of our fiber2


AT&T fiber solutions for every business need

  • AT&T Dedicated Internet

    Dedicated internet with symmetrical speeds up to 1Tbps and 24/7 network monitoring

  • AT&T Dedicated Ethernet

    Superfast and secure two-location connection with up to 99.999% availability with SLAs

  • AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand

    Virtual private network and internet access on a single connection with on-demand provisioning

  • AT&T VPN

    Secure, flexible, and reliable global connectivity with Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

  • AT&T Business Fiber

    Reliable internet connectivity with superfast speeds up to 5-Gigs1


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