Why retailers are embracing IoT to transform business

by Justin Bennett, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Business

Retailers are betting big on Internet of Things (IoT) investments, and for good reason. IoT can help drive efficiency, improve the customer experience, and of course, increase revenue.

AT&T Business IoT solutions deliver reliable and secure connectivity that allows for cloud and edge integration and innovation at scale. As a leader in IoT connectivity, with 107 million connected devices as of 4Q22, AT&T Business IoT solutions has two times more IoT connections than our nearest U.S. competitor.

So how can IoT transform your business? By creating connected spaces that help you:

  1. Increase staff efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining everyday tasks to let your staff focus on what’s important
  2. Elevate the customer experience by enabling cashier-less checkout or touchless call buttons for understaffed areas or locked displays
  3. Transform sustainability with continuous monitoring to identify problems before they occur, while managing peak demand to control energy expenses
  4. Enhance employee safety and security with active monitoring to reduce preventable losses

With connected spaces, when you connect people, equipment, and environments, you’re able to do the right thing, at the right time. 

Why AT&T for retail

We can help you redefine the customer experience with communication and connectivity solutions. As dedicated problem solvers, our talented specialist and delivery teams are on your side. They can help deploy complex solutions across your retail systems.

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