AT&T Dynamic Defense™

Built-in security for your connectivity

The first line of defense to stop threats before they hit your business with the only security solution built into your dedicated internet service. ​

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AT&T Dynamic Defense benefits

The only security solution built into your connectivity

Built-in network security

First and only network with built-in security controls for a fraction of your connectivity costs.​

Unrivaled threat protection

Our best-in-class threat protection extends from AT&T to your business, powered by AT&T Chief Security Office.

Engineered for simplicity

Deploy in minutes with a single embedded solution and no separate equipment to buy or deploy. 

Features and packages

Requires AT&T Dedicated Internet Service

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Security features Standard Advanced Premium
AT&T Threat Intelligence AT&T Dynamic Defense shield
Dynamic blocking of malicious IP addresses with limited blocklist exceptions included 
Enhanced AT&T Dynamic Defense shield
Dynamic blocking of malicious IP addresses with expanded blocklist exceptions included
NextGen firewall Stateful firewall
Monitor and detect states of all traffic on the network to track and defend based on traffic patterns and flows
Geo IP filtering
IP address blocking from specific geographical locations 
Web filtering
Block sites based on categories for all users or certain groups of users 
Basic threat prevention
Detect, alert, and act against intrusions
Reporting and logging
Predefined reports provide critical insights into the network's health and security; option to build customer reports
Application-based reporting
Securely identify/decode applications and build reports based onknown applications
Version control
Saves multiple versions of policy configurations to improve risk management and easily perform audits
Advanced security features Advanced threat protection
Applies 3 types of threat protection profiles to security policies: Virus Protection, Spyware Protection, & Vulnerability Protection
Application-based policy creation*
Create policies based on known applications

How does it work?

Stop threats before they hit your business

AT&T Dynamic Defense How to Order Video Tutorial

New network embedded security​

See how to add Dynamic Defense to existing AT&T Dedicated Internet in Business Center.​

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Key use cases

Educational institution
  • Leverage default policies based on AT&T best-in-class threat intelligence to protect faculty and students
  • Put network protection in place within minutes or hours of activating your service
  • Experience a user-friendly portal for monitoring threats
  • Get low-cost protection and seamless billing that’s integrated into your AT&T Dedicated Internet service
Healthcare organization
  • Enhance a managed security service provider (MSSP) solution and help support HIPAA compliance
  • Block top 20,000+ threats before they reach the network
  • Free your MSSP to focus on more urgent issues
  • Increase your network’s efficiency
Retail business
  • Get a next-generation firewall, advanced threat protection, and URL filtering with no security expertise required
  • Consolidate multiple add-on quick fixes into a single built-in solution
  • Stay ahead of ever-changing threats without adding hardware or IT resources 

Frequently asked questions

AT&T Dynamic Defense currently supports AT&T Dedicated Internet bandwidth speeds from 10 megabits per second (mbps) to 10 gigabits per second (gbps). Lower and higher speeds are on our roadmap for early 2024.

Yes, AT&T Dynamic Defense is currently only available to AT&T Business network customers. Support for non-AT&T Business connections is on our roadmap.

AT&T Dynamic Defense is a self-service tool that is not managed by AT&T Business. However, it does allow for the customer’s chosen managed security service provider (MSSP) to have access.

AT&T Dynamic Defense is similar to NBFW with two major differences: AT&T Dynamic Defense is not a managed service and AT&T Dynamic Defense is embedded directly into ADI so there’s no complex deployment.

No. Dynamic Defense was developed with a customer first mindset and engineered for simplicity. Businesses that lack security expertise can apply AT&T recommended policies, powered by AT&T CSO threat intelligence.


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