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Jump on the path to 5G with AT&T Wireless Broadband. Get a cost-effective network alternative for business-critical applications, a quick deployment option for new and remote locations, and a diverse backup option.

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8Mbps LTE Data Wireless Broadband

Includes 10GB AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management, great for light data traffic.

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12Mbps LTE Data Wireless Broadband

Includes 10GB AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management, designed for business critical traffic.

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50Mbps LTE Data Wireless Broadband
Includes 30GB AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management. Reqs. 5G Evolution coverage.
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Speeds are not guaranteed up to the stated number, and subject to network availability. AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management enables qualified customers to prioritize their business-critical applications on the AT&T owned domestic 4G LTE network. AT&T may slow speeds after 50GB of data usage of the 8Mbps plan, 75GB of data usage of the 12Mbps plan, and 125GB of data usage of the 50Mbps plan. Eligible for $5 AutoPay discount. AutoPay discount starts in 1 to 2 bill cycles. 50Mbps speed tier requires a 5G Evolution capable wireless router with a Category 18 or higher modem and corresponding coverage.

AT&T has partnered with Cradlepoint

With Cradlepoint devices, you can better meet your stationary and/or portable needs to expand your connectivity. These devices have a simple device deployment and remote management with NetCloud Manager. And with point and click management you gain visibility and control into your network and data usage. We also put the control back in your hands with easy to define policies that make it possible to allow only high priority applications to use the cellular connection and combined with our AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management you’ll have priority access to the AT&T LTE network during periods of congestion.

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Internet that works with your business

  • More control

    Give your business-critical applications the fast and highly reliable connection you need to keep your business moving. 

  • Prioritized on the network 

    All data is not equal for your business, so get priority for your business-critical applications with 10GBs or 30GBs of AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management.

  • Peace of mind 

    Have a highly dependable backup connection for times when your wired connection is in high-demand or there’s a failure. 

  • No surprises 

    Our no overage plans give you a predictable monthly charge which means you can spend more time focused on your business instead of your bill. 

  • Device options

    AT&T has partnered with Cradlepoint to bring you advanced routers, but AT&T Wireless Broadband is also compatible with any AT&T certified Cat 18 modem. The choice is yours.

  • Nationwide coverage

    AT&T is America’s best network.* Now with 5G Evolution.** The first step to 5G. And customers can experience 5G Evolution speeds with select Cradlepoint routers and in 5G Evolution coverage areas.

*Based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2018
**Limited 5G Evolution availability. May not be available in your area. Learn more at

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