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Boost the performance and efficiency of your business with guaranteed equal upload and download speeds. AT&T Dedicated Internet offers the reliability you can count on with 24/7 proactive network monitoring and ticketing backed by industry-leading service level agreements.

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Your AT&T Dedicated Internet purchase helps connect families

$100 will be donated to the organizations who host our AT&T Connected Learning Centers to help connect 1 million students and their families with technology and resources needed to succeed.


A premier internet solution for your business

AT&T Dedicated Internet provides customers a highly secure connection with the same upload and download speeds, proactive network monitoring and maintenance, industry-leading performance and SLAs—both throughout the US and globally. If highly secure connectivity with guaranteed performance is vital to your business, then consider a service that offers a direct connection to the internet.

Your private fast lane

Get the highly reliable internet service and guaranteed speed you pay for—no matter how many other users are on the network.

Outage protection

Get protection from costly outages with a constant connection that's protected by world-class Service Level Agreements like 99.95% service reliability.

Highly secure

AT&T Dedicated Internet is more secure than shared connections, and features 24/7 network monitoring and technical support.

Standard features

Experience first-class business internet service

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24/7 proactive monitoring and ticketing

24/7 proactive monitoring and ticketing

In the unlikely event of an outage, service tickets are proactively created on your behalf as we constantly monitor and provide network support.

Reliability and performance

Reliability and performance

Our premier internet solution that offers scalability and availability throughout the U.S.

Network usage reports

Network usage reports

Access and monitor your network bandwidth, traffic patterns, and threat intelligence reports online.

Electronic self-servicing capabilities

Electronic self-servicing capabilities

Manage your service online, including ordering, billing, e-maintenance, and more.

Symmetric upload and download speeds

Dedicated symmetric upload and download speeds

Your connection provides equal upload and download speeds with higher bandwidth options that is never shared.

Industry leading service level agreements

Industry leading service level agreements

Your guarantee of 99.9% performance objectives for latency, data delivery, jitter, and site availability.


How fast does your business want to go?

10Mbps to 50Mbps
Ideal for light web browsing, occasional file downloads, streaming music, and VoIP.
100Mbps to 400Mbps
Ideal for multiple users, large file downloads/uploads, video conferencing, and VoIP.
500Mbps to 1Gbps
Ideal for heavy online usage, video conferencing and streaming, media file sharing, and cloud applications.
2Gbps to 10Gbps
Ideal for e-commerce hosting, cloud apps, large file transfers, high-definition video, and web-conferencing.
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AT&T High Speed Internet

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Frequently asked questions

AT&T Dedicated Internet is our premier internet service that is ideal for virtually all businesses. It’s a dedicated connection that’s used only by your business, and highly secure to help you stay connected to your partners, customers, and employees. AT&T Dedicated Internet is proactively monitored and supported 24/7 by an expert AT&T team.

Broadband internet uses a shared connection allowing multiple customers to share internet bandwidth in the network. AT&T Dedicated Internet is a high speed, highly secure, symmetric (equal upload and download speeds) internet service offering with strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) supported by 24/7/365 active monitoring. Even during peak usage times, AT&T Dedicated Internet delivers the same outstanding experience virtually all the time.

AT&T Dedicated Internet is perfect for businesses that do lots of uploading and downloading. You get upload and download speeds that are equally fast. You can expect top performance for high-definition video conferencing, phone calls over the internet (VoIP), and crucial business activities that depend on fast, highly reliable internet service.

AT&T Dedicated Internet offers a wide range of speeds, from 10Mbps to 1Tbps. You choose the speed that’s right for your business.

Symmetric speed means that upload and download speeds are the same, unlike asymmetric, where download speeds are traditionally faster than upload speeds. Symmetric speeds are crucial for applications that send and receive large amounts of data, such as high-definition video conferencing, multiple broadcasts or conferences which run simultaneously, file hosting and uploads, and large data set transmission between business locations.

AT&T Dedicated Internet is broadly available. You’ll find it in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, in 46 countries, and the U.S. Explore the business internet services in your area.

Dedicated Internet access provides a private, one-to-one connection between the customer and AT&T; this connection is not shared by other customers. It provides private transfer of information internally and via cloud applications, which helps to protect your data.

AT&T Dedicated Internet offers a wide range of optional security services to help protect your company’s sensitive data from cyberattacks, to include protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, managed firewall, cloud-based security, and more security services (

AT&T Dedicated Internet can be easily installed to work with your company’s existing network. We offer prompt installation to help meet your business needs.

With AT&T Dedicated Internet, you get 24/7 monitoring and tech support to help resolve problems proactively.

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