Digital factory technologies

AT&T edge-to-edge technologies help manufacturers save money through better inventory management, improved asset utilization, and optimized production planning. Through the power of a highly secure network, you can achieve the flexibility needed to deliver quality products your customers depend on.


Planning for the future

Manufacturers are aligning their priorities to create the ‘factory of the future’ through new revenue opportunities, transforming their product offerings, and building more direct models for engaging with customers. See how process and discrete manufacturers approach their priorities differently. 
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Optimizing plant operations

IoT sensors and expanding Industry 4.0 technologies are creating an expanded tech ecosystem, which requires a network that can support its demands. Discover how Edge-to-Edge technologies are a solution to meet this need.
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Adoption of IoT Technology

Edge-to-Edge solutions provide manufacturers with the agility needed to sense and adapt to supply chain demands, and shifts in production, like never before.

Customer stories

How our customers are benefiting from enhanced connectivity, communication, and collaboration

Addressing the labor shortage in agriculture

Powered by the highly secure AT&T network, Smart Ag puts autonomous vehicles to work. See how our drive for innovation through understanding our customers helps provide a safer environment in the field.

Caterpillar's Global Connection

The AT&T 4G LTE network enables Caterpillar to connect over 500 different models of products globally and across various industries. Learn how this integration benefits the company and their customers.

AT&T Solutions

Helping manufacturers implement digital transformation today, and innovate for tomorrow

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