Consulting and professional services for network and cloud connectivity

A life cycle of network and cloud consulting services, from strategy and architecture development to detailed design, integration, and optimization.


Consulting and professional services

Strategy and architecture development to detailed design, integration, and optimization

Strategic Planning and execution


Define and deploy next generation technology solutions that enable the business to seamlessly and rapidly deliver key services to customers, employees, and partners in a cost-efficient and highly secure manner.


Gain efficiencies


Reduce lifecycle costs with network modernization and software technologies, ubiquitous cloud connectivity, and improved user experience.


Accelerate and mitigate risk


Accelerate and mitigate deployment risks with our proven program governance and service management transition experience.


Expertise areas

Seasoned consultants with industry and subject matter expertise

Expertise Areas Descriptions
Intelligent edge transformation
Transforming the customer edge to enable secure connectivity.  Specifically, with the introduction of network and security that allows customers to effectively connect hybrid workers and devices  to applications that may exist on the Internet, in the public cloud, in private clouds and SaaS applications.  We provide expertise around both premise based and
cloud-based technologies and solutions.
Cloud networking
Providing customers with the expertise they need to move to the cloud.  We have expertise with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform native networking as well as complex networking required for security integration, segmentation and multi-cloud design.  This includes custom designs as well as cloud native designs.
Multi-cloud connectivity
Integrating multi-cloud connectivity, performance, availability and security of connections from branch, work from home users, mobile users and IoT. Our resources have expertise in determining the optimal connectivity approach and then designing, engineering and deploying these solutions.
Mergers and acquisitions infrastructure Accelerating post-merger information technology integration while helping meet synergy objectives and govern merger and acquisition program initiatives to effectively manage risk.
Our services help address the key functions of IT—specifically the network, security, voice and collaboration aspects—of the merging organizations
IPv4/IPv6 Assisting customers with multiple facets of IP address transformation.  IPv4 reclamation is a service that assist customers in selling of their public IP address space. Our experts assist customers in identifying IP address block usage so that organizations may target addresses for resell.  In addition, we assist customers in readdressing the environment with private IPv4 addresses to replace the reclaimed ones that are being sold.  The IPv6 services assist in the planning and migration to IPv6 including dual stack and native IPv6 adoption.
Network optimization Optimizing your current technology environment by providing best practices recommendations around lessons learned and experience in the design and deployment of complex environments. The goal is to identify current limitations that can be improved in a tactical manner by either redesign, increase in availability, or performance and capacity improvements. 

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