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IoT professional services will help you dream bigger, run smarter, and bring the possibilities of IoT to life.

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Supply chain

Continuous visibility and monitoring of environmental status

Crane carrying a large freight container.

Condition monitoring and tracking

Design and implement IoT sensors to modernize supply chains through better tracking of goods and condition monitoring. Rugged devices with a 10-year operating lifespan can monitor that goods have cleared customers, moved location, or reached a destination. IoT wireless gateways plus sensor-based tags monitor conditions to help comply with pharma, bio, and food safety regulations.

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Products Purpose Features Benefits
IoT Consulting services IoT consulting services that can provide leadership for every  phase of your IoT solution.
  • Develop prioritized use cases and scenarios that extract business value
  • Identify implementation and management requirements
  • Define streamlined device logistics with customized, integrated solutions
  • Accelerate innovation and mitigate risks
  • Control operational and service costs for your connected environment
  • Develop business cases from strategic plans to transform your business
Deployment services Streamline complex device logistics including certification, configuration, deployment, and management
  • Experience with end-to-end certification in more than 150 countries and territories
  • Device certification, configuration (firmware over the air (FOTA )/ software of the air (SOTA)), and management for worldwide deployments
  • Staging and kitting from simple to complex IoT deployments
  • Ensure up-to-date information on steps and timelines for country and regulatory certification
  • Consultative service to help manage the complex device approval process for countries, regulatory bodies, and telecom providers
  • Lab test IoT embedded application and antenna performance to identify challenges
Managed services A full suite of services designed to support your day-to-day activities, allowing you to focus on your business
  • Create and act on service level metrics through system monitoring options
  • Administer SIMs effectively and efficiently
  • Simplify your business’s approach to billing and usage
  • Dedicated project manager for tracking and deployment of IoT devices
  • Keep your systems healthy with bi-annual end-to-end operations reviews
  • Accelerate time to value, while increasing productivity and mitigating risks

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