AT&T ActiveArmor

Your security is our top priority

Get 24/7 proactive internet security to help block malicious threats from ever reaching your devices – included with AT&T Business Fiber®.

Available to AT&T Business Fiber customers. Guards against known threats only. Compatible gateway and Smart Home Manager app req’d.  Security features must be enabled.

Upgrade to advanced internet security features for $15/mo. plus tax

  • VPN

    Keep your digital information private and protect your connected business devices through secure network encryption.

    Up to 5 devices at a time. May not protect against user-authorized access to network.

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  • Threat Activity Dashboard

    See how ActiveArmor is working to protect your network and connected devices with real-time insights on blocked threats.

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  • ID Monitoring

    Get alerts and useful tips if your personal information is leaked.

    ID Monitoring feature must be enabled and may not detect all compromises of leaks or your personal data​.

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  • Advanced Content Controls

    Take the guesswork out of safe browsing with simple, customizable security settings.

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Choose the perfect amount of security to help keep your business protected

ActiveArmor is included with AT&T Business Fiber at no extra charge. Or upgrade to advanced internet security for $15/mo. plus tax.

AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Included with
all plans
Upgrade for $15/mo. plus tax
Built-in defense    
Connected device security    
Personal data protection    
Threat Activity Dashboard X  
ID Monitoring X  
Advanced Content Controls X  

Available to AT&T Business Fiber customers

See how AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced internet security protects your business

Watch the video and update today.

Watch the video

Smart Home Manager App

Take charge of your security

Easily personalize, manage, and optimize your network’s security and all your team’s connected devices.

AT&T Business Fiber

Give your business a competitive edge

Check out the features below and discover why businesses count on AT&T Business Fiber.

Uploads as fast as downloads

25X faster upload speeds than cable to enhance productivity.

Unlimited internet data

With no data caps, no equipment fees, and no annual term commitment.

Reliable internet

Over 99% proven reliability.

Frequently asked questions

AT&T ActiveArmor delivers 24/7 proactive internet security that helps detect threats, suspicious internet activity, and unsafe behavior while also protecting your network and connected devices. Included with AT&T Business Fiber.

The advanced tier of AT&T ActiveArmor adds enhanced privacy features, including:

  • VPN: Keep your digital information private and protect your connected devices through secure network encryption.1
  • Threat Activity Dashboard: See how AT&T ActiveArmor is working to protect your network and connected devices with real-time insights on blocked threats.
  • ID Monitoring: Get alerts and useful tips if your personal information is leaked.2
  • Advanced Content Controls: Take the guesswork out of safe browsing with simple, customizable security settings.3

Commonly known as VPN, a Virtual Private Network keeps your browsing safe from prying eyes and secures your network traffic for an enhanced online experience for better security, anonymous browsing, and data encryption.

ID Monitoring continually scans the dark web and notifies you if it detects any identity elements you’ve provided, such as email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and medical IDs.

Advanced Content Controls give you more ways to manage access to appropriate content on your network. You can set up custom filters for groups or individual team members based on devices assigned to specific profiles.

The Threat Activity Dashboard displays the breakdown of specific threats as well as cumulative ones blocked. You can also learn more about the different types of threats to your business and how to best protect your data and information.