Control Center

Deploy, manage, and monetize your connected devices and IoT solutions across the world and in near real-time with Control Center, powered by Cisco Jasper. The cloud-based platform delivers visibility and agility.


Manage and monitor your IoT connections

The automated connectivity management platform puts you in control

  • Monitoring

    Optimize monthly operating costs with near real-time usage and rate monitoring. Classify and analyze multiple streams of traffic data. Understand the patterns, deviations, and reliability of your device’s behavior to streamline your business.

  • Automation

    Create business rules to monitor usage and trigger actions to increase operability and control costs. Optionally, tap into AT&T Control Center robust set of APIs to integrate management controls into your native lifecycle applications.

  • Multi-layered security

    Protective, multi-layered IoT security to identify issues and safeguard your data, devices, and IT systems.

  • Management

    Streamline your operations and eliminate unplanned expenses.

  • Diagnostics

    Near real-time network intelligence and diagnostics to manage performance.

  • Worldwide

    Supports your business and internal teams, virtually anywhere in the world.

IoT platform

Solutions designed to fit your needs

AT&T Control Center

Easy to manage connectivity for your IoT devices so you can run reliable, highly secure connected services at the lowest cost.

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AT&T Control Center - Advanced

Benefits of Control Center with additional functionality to accelerate meaningful business transformation and growth. Control Center – Advanced offers additional security features, analytics and automation rules to increase ROI.

AT&T Control Center – Premium Services

Premium services are designed to work with Control Center to provide IoT innovators with enhanced capabilities like traffic segmentation and advanced security solutions. Manage analytics and security in-portal and in near real-time.

AT&T Control Center

Key features

Features Details
Usage monitoring Alerts and notifications help you stay on top of costs. Cost monitoring in near real-time within the billing cycle can help eliminate unexpected.
Enhanced security provided with AT&T NetBond® Enables you to connect to the Control Center platform via a private network experience and network security extended to multiple cloud solutions.
Solutions built for your business Three ready-built solutions available or a la carte services based on your needs

AT&T Control Center - Try Before You Buy

Gain access to our industry leading Control Center platform and network allowing you to quickly deploy and manage your IoT devices

  • Deploy

    Order and deploy SIMs quickly to over 200 countries and territories.

  • Manage

    AT&T Control Center automation tooling and full API feature set allows  you to easily manage your rate plans and costs.

  • Analyze

    Use the extensive reporting and analytics tooling to optimize your IoT devices.


This offer includes demo SIMs and support to help you explore the capabilities of the AT&T IoT solution set. Start your trial today .


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