Ship smarter

Help drive cost savings across your supply chain with visibility into package-level insights like location, condition, chain-of-custody, and more on the shipments that matter the most.

AT&T Smart Label overview

Your shipments, with more peace of mind

Improve visibility

Near-real-time insights help you stay alerted to conditions, location, and supply chain trends.

Mitigate risk

Improve customer experience with chain-of-custody tracking on your most sensitive shipments.

Proactive data

Respond to issues during transit, not on delivery, and help reduce breakage and holding costs.

How it works

Peel, stick, and scan our connected shipping label for robust package data around the globe

  • Insights that matter

    Get near-real-time alerts on conditions like temperate, humidity, light, shock, location, movement, tampering, and more. 

  • Up to 180-day battery

    Built for extended deployments with options to configure reporting intervals to extend battery life.

  • Easy to deploy

    Labels are shipped to you ready to use in tape-and-reel or other form. Simply peel, stick, and scan to activate.

  • Open API’s³

    Integrate AT&T Smart Label data into your existing processes & systems or manage directly from our intuitive web & mobile portal.

  • Connect globally

    Powerful connectivity in 210+ countries with dual-mode (CAT-M¹/ NB-IoT² w. 2G Fallback) device.  

  • AT&T Consulting and Professional Services

    Our experts engage on every deployment to help with business case planning and solution design so you can accelerate return on investment.

AT&T Smart Label use cases

Female taping up a box for shipping

High value goods

Shipping something expensive, delicate, or important?  Keep a close eye on your most valuable shipments, including electronics, machinery, jewelry, luxury clothing, and art.

Associates viewing temperature monitor in a storage room

Monitor temperature

Track ambient temperature and humidity to validate proper storage of medicine, food, and other temperature sensitive goods.

Man in suit holding a briefcase


For government, medical, and other goods requiring chain-of-custody tracking, you can provide confirmation of every step and hand-off. 

Warehouse workers using a tablet in a warehouse

Validate conditions

No more guessing games.  Have visibility into whether your shipment has been dropped, opened, or stored improperly, helping you proactively address issues and improve customer experience.

Delivery driver handing a package to a customer

Automate billing

Pulling AT&T Smart Label data into your systems with API’s means you can automatically trigger billing upon delivery.

AT&T Smart Label portal demo

Professional sitting at a desk viewing location data on a monitor

See it in action!

One platform does it all.

With customizable dashboards and an intuitive interface, it is easy to get in-depth insights on your shipments, analyze trends, and manage your supply chain.

Watch now

AT&T Smart Label product brief

Smart label with QR code

Dive into the full solution.

Looking for more details on how AT&T Smart Label can help you simplify your supply chain and provide insights into your shipments around the globe?

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