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AT&T can help nurture your idea, design a strategy and roadmap, develop from proof of concept to deployment, and expand regionally and worldwide.


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Design to expansion

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Innovate and Build

The tools to dream bigger, build better, and run smarter IoT innovations.

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Global IoT

Worldwide solutions to help connect, manage, and create value from IoT data.

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IoT in Mexico

Our IoT solutions continue to evolve along with the industries in Mexico.

IoT strategy

Understand which solution could benefit in your journey





Innovate and Build

From choosing which IoT network to use to platforms for connectivity, data processing and security, here we take you on a journey to help you build fast, scalable solutions for the Internet of Things.
  • Explore the possibilities of sensor data
  • Harnessing near real-time business insights
  • Entirely new experiences, revenues, profitability, customer relationships, business insights, and processes are now possible using IoT.
  • Collaborate with a single-source partner who can help you integrate and accelerate development at the key layers of the IoT tech stack
  • When healthcare meets the network, our teams can securely track and monitor a patient's condition from the hospital to the home. It can mean less time in hospitals and more time at home.
  • We work with other leading companies and entrepreneurs to incubate cutting-edge ideas, like connected vehicles and home security.

Global IoT

AT&T provides solutions around the globe to help you connect, manage, track, and analyze your IoT devices and data.
  • IoT Connectivity across 500 carriers in over 200 countries and territories as of 2019
  • 24+ million connected cars in 57 countries with 29 OEMs as of 2019
  • Over 50 million IoT connected devices worldwide as of 2019
  • One single platform to manage diverse endpoints with one comprehensive view of all your IoT devices
  • Transported, stored and processed in the AT&T network
  • Presented in the form of applications that are delivered to the end customer to visualize the measured variables

IoT in Mexico

The world of IoT evolves along with the industries in Mexico. Anchored by our highly secure global network, leading-edge platforms, and innovative ecosystem, we have flexible solutions to meet your needs.
  • Standard interface for deploying and connecting mobile assets
  • Simple, cost effective device management with integrated SIM provisioning, billing, and reporting tools
  • Devices connected to things / people that measure specific variables.
  • Enterprise-grade service reliability
  • Helps secure customer IoT data, connected devices, and IT systems
  • Powered by Cisco Jasper

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