AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing

AT&T MEC is an on-premise edge solution that brings the power of our LTE and 5G networks to deliver newfound levels of intelligence, control, reliability, security, and speed to your network architecture.


Gain control of your data

Combine AT&T MEC using Cloud Partners to shorten the distance between your location and where computing happens. 

MEC control data with Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google Cloud

Reduce wasted energy and greenhouse gas emissions with the help of 5G and MEC

Find out how
AT&T 5G and MEC meter digital image

See it in action

An enterprise grade solution for the next generation of opportunities.


Equip yourself for the future

  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security

    Keep your data where it’s generated and consumed for faster and private processing. 

  • Ultra-low latency

    With AT&T 5G and MEC bring computing power to the edge of your wireless network to process data in near-real time. 

  • Better connectivity and coverage

    AT&T MEC, powered by AT&T cellular connectivity provides a cost-effective way to enhance your existing private network through intelligent allocation of data assets.

  • New kinds of innovations

    Serve your customers and employees in new ways. Experience improved operations, worker safety, and employee productivity by processing data on-site.

  • AT&T MEC Managed Services

    Turn-key solution that includes delivery, install, test and turn up. Also includes Day 2 support for software updates, maintenance, hardware monitoring, and tier 1, 2, 3 support.

  • Easy cloud integration

    AT&T MEC is a hardware/software-based solution and when paired with a cloud service provider brings the on-site computing benefit of low-latency to your cloud apps. 

System Integrators

Closer is better: keep you data where it's generated and consumed for faster and more private processing - infographic.

Take the complexity out of digital transformation.  AT&T has partnered with the top System Integrators to enable your applications and cloud service providers within your enterprise to leverage the AT&T MEC. 

From design to deployment, our AT&T experts and System Integrators will partner to provide an enterprise grade edge solution that meet your business’ needs.


Pricing that fits your needs

Customizable solution

Whether you need a single component or the whole network architecture we’re here to help. Our sales managers can help right size your customizable solution.


Features Details
You make the rules Control which data stays local; including control of devices and applications.
Better coverage and better performance*
LTE and 5G enables greater range and capacity for connected devices, and reduced fluctuation for greater stability. This helps you power your business-critical use cases such as robotics, AI and Industry 4.0.
Easy integration  Since AT&T MEC is a single server software-based solution it can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure. In addition, our system integrators can also include your cloud applications with your on-premise ecosystem. 
Customized to meet your needs Don't have all the components? No problem. Our experts can help create an IT infrastructure to handle your business needs. 
Combines with your cloud apps and tools Bring familiar cloud applications and tools to your business location for low latency, greater control, and increased data privacy. 

*May require separately obtained DAS.



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