AT&T Edge Solutions

AT&T’s Edge Solutions help to reduce latency and enable you to maintain security and control over your data. Allowing you flexibility to integrate and remain connected to a greater ecosystem of cloud service providers.

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Edge Solutions

Find the right edge computing solutions for your business

Benefits of Edge Computing Solutions

Reimagine what you do with your data

  • Complete Edge Solutions ecosystem

    We know how to work with your preferred cloud solution provider, so you get the most from edge solutions by deploying applications and services where needed.

  • Better with AT&T connectivity and control

    From fiber to private cellular networks, our connectivity solutions deliver lower latency, more control, and greater reliability on the edge. 

  • Realizing the full potential of Edge Solutions Computing

    Enable cutting-edge technologies and experiences such as Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and more with less latency and improved performance. 

Delivering a ‘holo interview’

AT&T teamed up with the NBA for first-of-its-kind holographic interviews powered by Edge Solutions. See how we were able to make it feel like an interviewer and player could be in the same room though they were hundreds of miles away from each other.

Edge Solutions

When and where you need it

Factory working tracking  inventory on a tablet

AT&T On-Premise Edge

Connecting, controlling, and computing data at your locations – on-site from a factory floor to a retail store to a headquarter location.

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