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Connect at the edge.

AT&T 5G and cloud service providers bring bandwidth and compute power closer to users

AT&T Network Edge benefits

Connect at the edge and innovate

Higher performance

Connect 5G devices for application edge processing in metros with low latencies to accelerate your business.

Reduced complexity

Simplify deployment of applications in the cloud. Build applications once, deploy them anywhere.

Flexible and scalable

Control when and which metros to deploy your applications at the edge. Utilize familiar tools to dynamically scale workload capacity.


Take your business to the next level with AT&T Network Edge

  • Fast, low latency AT&T 5G connectivity integrated with edge computing through the shortest path.

  • End-to-end optimized connectivity for moving data and workloads between the regional cloud and edge cloud.

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  • End-to-end security protects systems, data, and users.

  • Automatic routing of local 5G user traffic to the edge with no special configurations or service add-ons.

AT&T Network Edge with Microsoft Azure

Transforming experiences by integrating AT&T 5G connectivity with Azure compute and edge-optimized cloud services at the network edge.

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Innovations with AT&T Network Edge

Transforming how we shop

AT&T low-latency 5G connectivity and Microsoft Azure edge compute with Summit Tech’s Odience platform bring interactive, live-streaming shopping experiences.

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Accelerating edge-based service delivery

AT&T collaborated with Spirent and Microsoft  to measure performance metrics including latency, jitter and bandwidth for apps and services deployed on Azure public MEC.

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AT&T Network Edge use cases

Automation and cost optimization

  • Problem: performance  and reliability of data-intensive technologies such as sensors and cameras
  • Benefits: structure/equipment safety, avoiding costly workflow failures
  • Solution: capture cloud data at the edge in near real-time using 5G devices

Improving the driver experience

  • Problem: situational awareness of connected driving systems
  • Benefits: safer, more efficient driving experience
  • Solution: connect vehicle sensors and cameras at the edge, and exchange information with pedestrians and road infrastructure

Future of care

  • Problem: lack of visibility inside and outside of healthcare facilities
  • Benefits: increase situational intelligence to improve outcomes
  • Solution: 5G-connected devices that monitor patients at the edge cloud for near real-time communications and response

Enhancing the retail experience

  • Problem: need to provide a differentiated and immersive shopping experience for customers
  • Benefits: processing at the network edge reduces bandwidth and latency, while saving device battery life
  • Solution: live-streamed shopping experiences with 5G-connected devices delivering a high-quality viewing experience

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AT&T Network Edge FAQs

AT&T Network Edge provides fast, low latency application processing at the edge of customer networks by bringing together the AT&T 5G network and cloud services to process data locally from 5G-enabled devices.

AT&T Network Edge provides low-latency, optimized connectivity to cloud service provider edge zones. Enterprises and developers can run applications requiring low latency, security, reliability, reduced jitter, and high-bandwidth, by placing workloads, compute, storage, and edge services closer to the end user. By processing data through the shortest path, AT&T Network Edge enables you to generate measurable results in near real-time from the data captured by 5G devices.

AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) is an on-premises edge solution where we deploy private spectrum, dedicated radios, and compute on-premises. This helps bring cloud computing capability to the on-premises network edge and helps you get the most out of your mobile devices and your local cellular network.

AT&T Network Edge is a metro edge solution that takes the power of AT&T’s 5G network connectivity and pairs it with cloud service providers so developers can create and deploy next generation experiences – either on-premises or off-premises, in a targeted metropolitan area. AT&T Network Edge allows you to move servers from on-premises to an edge cloud – freeing up physical space and IT staff for critical, high bandwidth, on-premises applications.

AT&T has established optimized, low latency-connectivity with Microsoft (Azure public MEC with AT&T). Additionally, we are seeking customers who are interested in participating in a Proof-of-Concept technical trial with Amazon Web Services Local Zones.

AT&T Network Edge is available with Microsoft Azure public MEC in Atlanta, Dallas, and Detroit, with additional metros coming soon.

Customers can purchase edge cloud services and AT&T Network Edge connectivity directly from cloud service providers in one or more edge zones that are enabled by AT&T Network Edge.


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