AT&T Network Edge

Create innovative business opportunities and unique customer experiences by accelerating your data at the edge

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AT&T Network Edge brings high performance cloud computing to the edge of your network

  • Impactful innovation

    Maximize AR/VR, AI/ML, drones, device offload to gain insights, experiences and efficiencies

    Innovation at the edge

  • Broad coverage

    Deploy your edge experiences in multiple markets reaching millions of AT&T subscribers

    Edge ready market locations coming soon

  • Enhanced connections

    Integrate and scale seamlessly with AT&T’s optimized 5G and fiber network services

    What 5G means for business

    Experience edge-to-edge intelligence

  • Open ecosystems

    Extend your applications to the edge with familiar cloud tools and services

    AT&T and Microsoft Azure


Connecting and optimizing your edge cloud



Quicker response

High-performance networking with low latency to nearby workloads

Versatile access

Flexible access options for both 5G and fiber connections  

Extensible reach

Choice of locations and scalable deployment options  

Easy adaptability

Compatible with tools and platforms from leading cloud providers 


Innovating at the edge

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Learn more about the AT&T Network Edge, including our proof-of-concept program, services and availability 

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Frequently asked questions

AT&T Network Edge brings high performance cloud computing to the edge of AT&T customer networks.

AT&T Network Edge can give you faster processing of dynamic applications and immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, real-time video analytics, mobile gaming and autonomous robots, vehicles and drones.

AT&T Network Edge offers enhanced connections to 5G technology and fiber network services that improves the end-user application experience with lower latency and jitter and higher throughput.

AT&T Network Edge solutions are available today for private cloud deployments with AT&T fiber connected shared data centers. In addition, AT&T is now accepting new edge computing use cases for public cloud deployments to be included in our proof-of-concept program showcasing innovation at the edge with industry leading cloud service providers. Let AT&T help you determine how AT&T Network Edge can benefit your business. Click here to learn more

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