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Medical spa rejuvenates itself with AT&T Business Fiber

The Herzog Vitality Center’s Wi-Fi® was inadequate to support the needs of its medical staff, let alone the growing number of patients. The center needed strong, dependable internet service to enable its staff to complete important work and welcome patients. AT&T delivered.

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Challenge Solution Products
Improving care and gaining operational efficiency
Implement technology-assisted pain management, enhanced medical procedures, remote and real-time surgical assistance, smart infrastructure and building automation, and health and environmental sensors
Enhancing communication and collaboration
Improve response times, facilitate quick decision-making, enable remote consultations, quickly and easily share and collaborate on treatment plans, and access information and communicate while on the move.
Simplifying workflows Automate routine tasks, reduce errors, provide clinical decision support tools for evidence-based decision-making, automate alerts and notifications for clinicians, enable remote consultations and patient monitoring.
Improving safety and compliance Monitor patients remotely; share important data in near real-time; virtually train and educate clinical and business staff; and track staff movement and the condition of your facilities.
Adjusting to staff shortages Provide efficient telehealth services, monitor patients remotely, automate routine tasks, virtually train and educate clinical and business staff.
Connecting innovative research and development Enable remote clinicals trials for faster, more accurate data collection; securely share patient data and research, monitor participants in near real-time, consult with participants via telehealth, access and analyze large data sets for predictive analysis, AI and ML.
Monitor patients and assets in facilities Monitor medical equipment, from surgical instruments to ventilators, in near real-time; and monitor patients to improve safety and care coordination.


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