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One platform can make the difference. Lower fuel costs, improve fleet efficiency, track equipment, and optimize operations.

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Talk to your representative about getting hardware at no cost and a $100 credit with the purchase of a Fleet Complete Vision forward-facing or dual-facing dash camera solution today.

AT&T Fleet Complete

Unleash efficiency in your fleet operations with our user-friendly platform seamlessly integrating fleet telematics, dash cameras, and asset management

Right-sized solutions

Wide range of features including live-view maps, fleet dashboards, automated reporting, event notifications, video telematics, and OEM and electric vehicle connectivity all accessible from the web or mobile app.

Real-time insights

Built on top of an advanced data analytics infrastructure to enable insight-driven actions that improve safety, reduce operating expenses, and improve fuel utilization.

A complete solution

Drive efficiency with one integrated platform to track and manage all your fleet needs, including AT&T Fleet Complete fleet management, Fleet Complete Vision dash-cam, and Fleet Complete BigRoad ELD.


AT&T Fleet Complete features

Save time with one platform that does it all

Location tracking & route replay

Vehicle health reports & analytics

Driver behavior & safety scorecard

AI-powered video telematics

Electronic Logging Device compliance

Customizable web & mobile dashboards

AT&T Fleet Complete Vision

Driving Statistics

Make the connection for safety

Help drivers reduce traffic violations with AT&T Fleet Complete Vision, an AI powered in-cabin and road facing camera solution. The next step in protecting your business and your team costs less than you think. 

  • Capture short video events from road-facing and in-cabin camera
  • Events are verbally announced to the driver as they happen
  • Access real-time driver scorecards with safety scoring
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Demo videos

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AT&T Fleet Complete Hub dashboards 

Your entire operation at your fingertips.  Prebuilt dashboards are ready to use out-of-the-box and easy to customize.

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AT&T Fleet Complete Hub maps

Don’t just manage your fleet. Map it. Visualize your fleet and assets all from one place.

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AT&T Fleet Complete Hub reports

Tony Lourakis explains how we are making cost saving insights easy to access, navigate, and analyze with prebuilt and customizable reports. 

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AT&T Fleet Complete Vision platform

See how an extra set of eyes on the road can reduce risk.  AI powered dash camera insights are easy to manage right from FC Hub.

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AT&T Fleet Complete Vision on the road

Ride along with Tony Lourakis to see Fleet Complete Vision in action.  

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The AT&T Fleet Complete family of products includes AT&T Fleet Complete, AT&T Fleet Complete Vision, AT&T Fleet Complete Big Road ELD, and AT&T Fleet Complete Connected Devices, but you can purchase only what you need. The suite of solutions integrates seamlessly in one platform, AT&T Fleet Complete Hub.

IoT Fleet management solutions provide real time visibility into vehicles, assets, and connected equipment. Devices are typically small black boxes connected to the vehicle or asset. The devices report information wirelessly to a centralized cloud-based platform. AT&T Fleet Complete provides visibility into vehicle location, driver behavior, maintenance needs, and more, so fleet managers can better plan operations and quickly adapt to changes.

Video telematics solutions use dash cameras and advanced sensor analytics to detect changing road conditions and more. The cameras can automatically record short videos of traffic violations or accidents. This information can be useful for improving driving practices and for accident investigations. AT&T Fleet Compete Vision is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables real-time voice feedback to improve driver, pedestrian, and vehicle safety. 

An Advanced Driver Assistance System helps coach drivers, while keeping them aware of issues such as lane departure, harsh braking, and drowsiness. The Advanced Driver Assistance System is designed to improve driver safety and reduce vehicular injuries. The goal is to prevent an accident before it happens. Video recordings provide proof which can help limit the number of insurance claims made for minor accidents with no injuries.

Data collection varies, based on the hardware used; however, the most common method of data collection is a small black box installed under the vehicle’s dashboard. This box contains a SIM card that collects and sends data in real time to a cloud platform. With AT&T Fleet Complete, data is then compiled on the dashboard into reports and other tools within the Fleet Complete Hub. This information is easily accessed from a desktop or mobile app.

Connected vehicles, both light- or heavy-duty, are packed with sensors that track a wide range of vehicle data. This data is collected by onboard computers, and AT&T Fleet Complete reports it to a management platform. These technologies provide companies with real-time data about routes, maintenance requirements, and driving conditions.

AT&T Fleet Complete devices capture driving data, including Hours of Service (HOS), and reports that information to a centralized platform ꟷ Fleet Complete Hub. Using Fleet Complete Big Road ELD on their tablet, drivers can easily access logs on the go and share information with law enforcement.  With AT&T Fleet Complete Big Road ELD, compliance is easy.

Telematics devices spot unsafe or wasteful driving behaviors and alert drivers in real time. Pairing devices with fleet management software brings immediate improvement to your fleet safety and security programs. Real-time route updates with road incident notifications, mobile vehicle upkeep checklists, and video training help improve safety, while stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle location data helps keep vehicles secure.


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