Connecting patients to care


A reliable and secure network to care for remotely located patients

Patient using a blood pressure medical tool while using telehealth conferencing with a doctor

Connecting patients to care

Every minute of every day, connected healthcare from AT&T Business is making a difference. It’s bringing together healthcare professionals to innovate, collaborate, and share information. It’s connecting patients to doctors, virtually. And it’s helping extend care to patients in remote locations.

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Challenge Solution Products
Remotely monitoring and engaging with patients
Reliably and securely engage in telehealth sessions and track vitals and other data from remotely located patients, allowing providers to proactively intervene and prevent complications.
Expanding access to rural and under-served urban areas
With a 5G network that covers nearly 288M people, AT&T Business helps the healthcare industry deliver care virtually anywhere.
Connecting next-gen medical devices Connected healthcare solutions from AT&T help healthcare OEMs conceive, design, develop and bring to market cutting-edge connected mobile devices.
Enabling remote clinical trials Connected devices powered by the AT&T next-generation network are helping life sciences companies collect data from remotely located clinical trial participants.
Connecting EMTs in the field with ERs Connectivity solutions such as 5G and the Internet of Things are helping make ambulances dynamic rolling hubs of information and enabling EMTs in the field and clinical experts in the ER to communicate and share data like never before. 


A look at the forces and technologies disrupting the healthcare industry

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